Face the Frost Talus

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Face the Frost Talus






Silver Rupee

Face the Frost Talus is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.


Talk to Gesane on the first bridge leading from Rito Stable to Rito Village to start this quest.


Set the quest as the current objective to get an objective marker.

Defeat the Frost Talus.

Return to the objective marker in Rito Village and speak to Gesane for a silver rupee.

Quest Description

Active Quest

Gesane, a Rito Village guardsman, said he saw a frost Talus over at Coldsnap Hollow.

If you encounter a Frost Talus in your travels there, be sure to destroy it.

Updated Quest

You defeated the Frost Talus at Coldsnap Hollow! Gesane at Rito Village will surely be pleased once you report back to him.

Completed Quest

You told the guardsman Gesane at Rito Village that you destroyed the Frost Talus in Coldsnap Hollow.

Gesane offered you rupees as thanks, which you gracefully accepted.