Leviathan Bones

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Leviathan Bones




Camera rune unlocked (from Locked Mementos Main Quest)


Speak to Akrah at Serenne Stable


Take pictures of (3) leviathans around Hyrule


300 rupees




Leviathan Bones is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.


  • Locked Mementos Main Quest

Talk to the researchers at Serenne Stable to accept this quest.


The objective here is to take a picture of the three leviathans in the world.

One, the Gerudo Great Skeleton, is located in the very far southwest of the entire map in the Gerudo Desert.

Another, the Eldin Great Skeleton, is north of the Eldin area, near the East Deplian Badlands.

The last one, the Hebra Great Skeleton, is in the cave with the To Quomo Shrine. This cave requires unlocking. The entrance is by the pond to the southeast, east of Hebra North Summit on the map. Place two Cryonis pillars in this pond, and head east uphill to the snowballs. Roll one downhill, across the ice pillars, to bust open the door to the cave.

Return to the researchers. Talk to them individually to hand them each of the three pictures. When all three are turned in, the reward is a gold rupee.

Quest Description

Active Quest

Akrah at the Serenne Stable asked you to get a visual record of the leviathan bones. The record need not have the whole skeleton in it, so long as the skull is visible.

Leviathan bones are apparently found in Eldin to the northeast, Hebra to the northwest, and Gerudo to the southwest.

Completed Quest

You took pictures of the leviathan bones in Eldin, Hebra, and Gerudo. As thanks for advancing the cause of paleontology, Akrah gave you 300 rupees.