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Follow the Sheikah Slate
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Great Plateau map
Raise all Sheikah Towers






Follow the Sheikah Slate is the first Main Quest in Breath of the Wild.


Link is stopped in his tracks soon after leaving the Shrine of Resurrection, when the mysterious female voice speaks to him again, and tells him to head for the point which suddenly appears on the Sheikah Slate's otherwise-blank map. When he arrives at the point, he finds another Sheikah terminal, like the one he retrieved the Sheikah Slate from in the Shrine of Resurrection. Putting the Sheikah Slate into the terminal causes the ground to shake, and the Great Plateau Tower to rise up from the ground beneath his feet. This also triggers every other Sheikah Tower across Hyrule to similarly emerge from the ground and activate.

With the tower active, the Guidance Stone then announces it is "Distilling local information", and a glowing drop falls onto the Sheikah Slate, filling in the map data for the Great Plateau. The voice then tells him to "Remember. Try... Try to remember", announces that he has "been asleep for the past 100 years", and that when "the beast regains its true power, the world will face its end." The ghost of a grotesque figure swirls around Hyrule Castle to emphasise this point, before a glowing point of light apparently weakens it again. The voice tells him to hurry, ending the quest.

Once Link gets back to the ground, the Old Man will appear and trigger The Isolated Plateau quest.


Will automatically trigger when Link travels far enough from the Shrine of Resurrection, or has simply been outside it for long enough if he dawdles.


Adventure Log

Step Description
From out of nowhere, you hear a woman's voice speak to you... She instructs you to head to the marker displayed on the Sheikah Slate.

The slate is both alien and somehow familiar to you... You find that you can access its map by pressing the button.
When you inserted your Sheikah Slate in the pedestal marked on the map, a giant tower erupted upward from the ground, carrying you high into the air.

From Hyrule Castle, off in the distance, you hear the woman's voice speaking to you again...