Kema Zoos Shrine

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Kema Zoos Shrine

Kema Zoos Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


Talk to Laine, the guard at the northwest exit of Gerudo Town, to start the quest.

Shrine Quest: The Silent Swordswomen

A sandstorm swirls in the area, so the Sheikah Slate won't be much use. Instead, follow in the general direction that the statues are pointing with their swords. If you roam around enough you'll keep coming across them and eventually find the shrine. Unlocking it completes the quest.

Following the shrine quest is not absolutely necessary to access the shrine.

A Delayed Puzzle

An electric metal orb is getting launched back and forth. The goal is to get control of this orb. Multiple methods exist:

  • Use Stasis and shooting it with an arrow, or you can grab it directly off one the platforms with Magnesis if you get a good angle.
  • Use Stasis on the orb as it sits in the launcher, (before getting launched, but do not hit it). The launcher will move the orb in front of it and it will just drop to the ground.
  • Jump from a height and draw your bow to shoot in order to activate bullet-time. Do this while the orb is mid-air, and when Link gets to the floor, the bullet-time stops and it nullifies all forward momentum the orb had, making it drop to the floor.

Once you have control of the orb, carry it to the far left corner, dropping it over the gated wall to open the gate to a chest which may contain a Moonlight Scimitar.

Grab the orb again with Magnesis and drop it next to the charge crystal in the far right corner to open the path to the altar, and get your Spirit Orb. Alternatively, you can strike the crystal with an electrically charged weapon.