Kuh Takkar Shrine

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Kuh Takkar Shrine



West foot of Laparoh Mesa on the Gerudo Highlands





Kuh Takkar Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild. The shrine provides the closest Travel Gate to the rear entrance of the Yiga Clan Hideout.


The shrine is located at the far east end of Vatorsa Snowfield. Use a fire based weapon, Fire Arrows, or stacks of Wood lit with Flint to melt the ice that is encasing the shrine. The shrine is guarded by two Ice Wizzrobes, which can be immediately killed with fire weapons. Once the ice is completely melted and the shrine is accessible, the Wizzrobes will not appear again.

Melting Ice Hazard

The objective of this shrine is to carry the ice cube past a lot of flames, and bring it all the way to Kuh Takkar at the altar.

Grab the ice block and simply walk by the first flames. Link can just hug against the wall and walk right by. For the rotating flame, Link will need to time it and then quickly run through it. He can also toss the ice block and then go and pick it back up.

In the next area, there are some horizontal flames on the right side. Just drop the ice block for now and walk underneath the flames. Run ahead and there is a metallic box found in the lava. Use Magnesis to grab it and bring it back over to the horizontal flames. If you turn the block a bit sideways, it can block all three of the horizontal flames at once, allowing Link to pass with the block of ice in hand.

Drop the ice block and grab the metal block again. Place it back in the lava, go closer to the ledge and then walk on top of it with the ice block. Toss the ice to the other side and then jump over. Grab the metal block once again and this time block the two columns of horizontal flames.

Put the ice down briefly, as there is a short diversion. There are some nearby vertical flames towards the center of the shrine. Use the metal block to place them on top of the flames. Then glide on over and open the treasure chest that is behind the flames to get a Frostblade. You can easily get back up by climbing the nearby ladder.

For the final flames, simply walk close to the flames and just toss the ice block through. The block will melt a little bit and get smaller, but it will make it beyond the vertical flames. Then use the metal block like an umbrella, holding it above your head. Pass by the flames and release the metal block.

Carry the ice to the gate and it will open. Run to the altar to speak with Kuh Takkar to get a Spirit Orb.