Vatorsa Snowfield

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The Vatorsa Snowfield is a location in Breath of the Wild. It covers a small area within the Gerudo Highlands.

Breath of the Wild

The Vatorsa Snowfield is a cold and snowy area, found in the center of the Gerudo Highlands. Like much of the region, it is bitterly cold and Link will need armor with Cold Resistance, such as the Snowquill Set, in order to survive. While not named on the map, the West Vatorsa Snowfield is an area at the snowfields west side, with a Stone Talus.

At the far northwest end of the area, there is a Bokoblin camp with some dangerous Blue Bokoblin and Black Bokoblin. After defeating all of the enemies, a treasure chest unlocks containing a Ruby gem. A massive enemy base can also be found near the center of the snowfield, with multiple Black Moblin and a Black Bokoblin. A wooden treasure chest can be found at the top with five Bomb Arrows.

Just south of the Kuh Takkar Shrine, on the higher ledge, there is an ice block. If Link melts the ice block, he can find a Korok. Just northwest of the shrine, there is a bridge that extends over the slope. At the west end of the bridge, solve the block puzzle to get another Korok Seed.

Kuh Takkar Shrine

Main article: Kuh Takkar Shrine

The Kuh Takkar Shrine can be found at the far east end of the snowfield. Link will need to melt the giant ice block found in the area to reveal the shrine. Inside the shrine, Link will need to carry the ice block all the way to the top of the shrine without it melting. Link will need to use the metal block to regularly block the flames. Link will meet with Kuh Takkar at the altar to get the Spirit Orb.

Treasure Chests

There are a bunch of treasure chests found throughout the Vatorsa Snowfield with a variety of goodies. Below is a listing of all treasure chests, roughly in geographic order from west to east.

  • Golden Bow - In a treasure chest next to the Stone Talus at the West Vatorsa Snowfield.
  • Gerudo Shield - On the higher ledge to the west of the Stone Talus.
  • Opal - Buried in the snow, just south of the Stone Talus.
  • Shock Arrows ×5 - At the southwest corner of the Snowfield, on one of the higher ledges.
  • Opal - Buried in the snow, just east of the Stone Talus.
  • Forest Dweller's Spear - In a wooden chest in a covered area up the slope at the northwest part of the snowfield.
  • Ruby - Buried in the snow at the west side of the snowfield, near an Ice-Breath Lizalfos.
  • Ruby - As a reward for defeating all the Bokoblin at the skull base.
  • Purple Rupee - South of the skull base, buried in the snow where some Bokoblin and Moblin are found.
  • Purple Rupee - Buried in the snow, just west of the enemy base in the center of the snowfield.
  • Purple Rupee - Buried in the snow, just south of the enemy base.
  • Bomb Arrows ×5 - In a wooden chest at the top of the enemy base.
  • Silver Rupee - In a chest buried in the snow at the bottom of the enemy base.
  • Shock Arrows ×5 - In a chest just northwest of the enemy base, on the slope.
  • Golden Claymore - Just northeast of the enemy base.
  • Amber - Further northeast of the enemy base, on the higher ledge.
  • Purple Rupee - Just southwest of the bridge that connects to the Laparoh Mesa.
  • Opal - Just west of the Kuh Takkar Shrine.
  • Fire Arrows ×5 - In a chest by the Lizalfos camp, southwest of the shrine.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Solve the block-puzzle by using Magnesis.

Solve the block-puzzle by using Magnesis.