Captain Construct III

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Captain Construct III are enemies that appear in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"An elite Soldier Construct, hence its "captain" title. Made by the Zonai with advanced techniques and magic. A powerful Captain Construct, it has high durability and extremely advanced combat patterns, Equipped with a variety of sword techniques."

— In-Game Description

Captain Construct III are a very strong variant of the Captain Construct, and are more difficult than Captain Construct II. They have nine eyes, with three sets of three, and are able to Fuse to make their weapons deal more damage, as well as perform powerful charge and pile-driving attacks.

When defeated, it will drop a Captain Construct III Horn and Zonai Charge.

Most Captain Construct III do not get replaced with Captain Construct IV after Link has leveled up to a certain amount. Two Captain Construct III can be found in the Thyphlo Ruins as well as two in a Construct fort between Aris Beach and the Clarnet Coast.