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Construct - TOTK card art.jpg
Artwork of a Captain Construct



Constructs are enemies that appear in Tears of the Kingdom. They appear on the Surface on the Sky Islands and in the Depths.

Tears of the Kingdom

Steward Construct

Main article: Steward Construct

Steward Construcsts are characters that appear on the Great Sky Island. They provide Link with basic tips and guidance throughout his early journey.

Soldier Construct

Main article: Soldier Construct

Soldier Constructs are mechanical enemies that hover just above the ground. When Link draws near, they will float over to Link and engage in battle. They wield weapons that they can pickup from their surroundings, including Tree Branches. Soldier Constructs are weaker enemies that Link can defeat quite easily with a few slashes from even the weakest of weapons.

Captain Construct

Main article: Captain Construct

An enemy variation of the Construct, the Captain Construct commands its lesser brethren. It has the ability to Fuse materials to its weapons in addition to having more health and more attack power than the regular Soldier Constructs.

Ranger Construct

Main article: Ranger Construct

Ranger Constructs are mechanical objects that appear in the Sky Islands. Unlike the Soldier Constructs, they are not hostile to Link, and Link has the ability to talk to these constructs.

Mining Construct

Main article: Mining Construct

Mining Constructs are mechanical objects that appear in the Sky Islands. They wield an axe and can be seen mining Zonaite Deposits.

Maker Construct

Main article: Maker Construct

Maker Constructs can be found on the Great Sky Island doing small tasks, including using an axe to chop down trees.

Culinary Construct

Main article: Culinary Construct

Culinary Constructs can be found on the Great Sky Island and will teach Link the basics on how to cool a meal using a Pot.

Forge Construct

Main article: Forge Construct

Forge Constructs can be found inside the Mining Cave on the Great Sky Island. Forge Constructs can process Zonaite into Zonai Charges or Crystallized Charges.

Flux Construct

Main article: Flux Construct

A massive Construct that serves as a mini-boss. The boss takes on multiple forms, including a more humanoid form, a rolling box, and a flat plain, which Link can use Ascend to get through. Link can grab the various cubes that form the construct with Ultrahand, in order to pull the construct apart and render its central core cube vulnerable.