Golden Bow

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Golden Bow

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"This Gerudo-made bow is popular for the fine ornamentations along its limbs. Designed for hunting and warfare alike, this bow was engineered to strike distant targets."

— In-Game Description

The Golden Bow is a bow found in Breath of the Wild. It has a power of 14, and is the bow of choice for many Gerudo. It can be found in and around the Gerudo Province of Hyrule, for example in the South Lomei Labyrinth.

Like the Phrenic Bow, this bow also has a limited zoom capabilities making it an excellent sniping bow for shooting target balloons and acorns for Korok Seeds. If found with an attack up modifier, it can be a great tool for taking out enemy lookouts at enemy camps. The arrows from the bow also fly straight for a greater distance before succumbing to the pull of gravity, meaning that only very long-range shots require adjustment by aiming above the enemy.