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Natural Season

Winter (Gerudo Highlands)
Summer (Gerudo Desert)


Gerudo Vai

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Gerudo is both a region and a race found in Breath of the Wild. The Gerudo region is found in the southwestern part of Hyrule and consists of the Gerudo Desert and surrounding mountainous areas known as the Gerudo Highlands. The Gerudo region is inhabited by the Gerudo, a predominantly female race that makes the Gerudo Desert their home.


The Gerudo region is located in the southwest corner of Hyrule. Its neighboring regions are Hebra to the north, Central Hyrule to the northeast, and Faron to the east. Only one road provides easy travel through Gerudo, entering the Gerudo Highlands from Hyrule Field and winding through the Gerudo Canyon Pass. After exiting the Gerudo Canyon Pass, it extends into the Gerudo Desert as far Gerudo Town.

Gerudo Town is the only city found within the Gerudo region and is home to the Gerudo, the all-female race from the Gerudo region. Kara Kara Bazaar is the only other regularly inhabited location within the Gerudo region, home to a few merchants who have traveled from Gerudo Town and a resting place for travelers crossing the Gerudo Desert.

Temperatures vary greatly in the Gerudo region with the Gerudo Desert being hot enough to require level 2 heat resistance when traveling during the day and level 2 cold resistance needed in both the Gerudo Desert during the night and all day in the Gerudo Highlands.


Features of the Gerudo Region

The Gerudo region contains two Sheikah Towers, the Gerudo Tower at the north edge of the Gerudo Desert, and the Wasteland Tower at the eastern edge of the Gerudo Desert. 18 Shrines can also be found throughout the Gerudo region.

Gerudo Canyon Stable is the only stable within the Gerudo region and can be found at the end of the Gerudo Canyon Pass where it meets the Gerudo Desert.

The Great Fairy Tera can be found in the southwest corner of the Gerudo Desert by the Gerudo Great Skeleton.

Flora found in the Gerudo region includes:

Fauna includes:

Enemies in the Gerudo Region

Guardians are mostly scarce in this region. They are found primarily in the southernmost part of the Gerudo Highlands along the southern edge of the Hyrule border, surrounding the South Lomei Labyrinth.

Stone Taluses of varying types can be found throughout the Gerudo Highlands, while the Molduga is found in the Gerudo Desert. Unlike the Stone Talus, which can be found all throughout Hyrule, the Molduga only inhabits the Gerudo Desert. The strongest of the Moldugas is the Molduking, of which there is only one. It is found in the southern part of the East Barrens, in the Gerudo Desert. Less commonly, a few Lynels may be found on higher peaks in the northern Gerudo Highlands.

The headquarters of the Yiga Clan can also be found in the Gerudo Highlands, in a canyon to the north of Gerudo Desert.

The dragon Farosh can also be found flying through the Gerudo region along the peaks of the northern Gerudo Highlands. It is most accessible when it crosses the Gerudo Summit, flying low through the small canyon that runs the length of the summit.

Lesser enemies include:


The Gerudo are a mostly female race primarily living in Gerudo Town. When Link first arrives at Gerudo Town, no voes (men) are allowed in to the town due to a recent attack by the Yiga Clan so he has to return to Kara Kara Bazaar in order to buy the Gerudo Vai Set so he can pass as a woman and enter the town. Interestingly, no male Gerudo are ever met, but Gerudo voe clothing can be bought from the Gerudo Secret Club indicating that Gerudo men do indeed exist, but are rarely born, similar to previous games, where the Gerudo King has been the only male baby born in the century.

Makeela Riju is the current chief of the Gerudo, having succeeded her mother after her death. She assists Link in his efforts to reclaim the Divine Beast Vah Naboris.

Many Gerudo are trained in combat. They are trained by Teake and Liana in Gerudo Town and guard the city to prevent any voe from entering. Gerudo guardswomen also protect Kara Kara Bazaar from the many monsters in the region. A training compound is located in Gerudo Town where Gerudo warriors train against each other and on dummies made for practice.

Though most Gerudo continue to live in Gerudo Town, many leave to travel across Hyrule and are met by Link during their travels. The most frequent reason for Gerudo leaving is to either sell their wares in distant locations or to marry. With no Gerudo voe, Gerudo who wish to marry leave Gerudo Town to travel across Hyrule in hopes of finding a husband. Even after marrying, many Gerudo return to Gerudo Town to sell wares they procure during their travels.

Gerudo clothing is often brightly patterned and colored. Due to the heat of their home, Gerudo clothing is typically light and minimal in style.

For entertainment, the Gerudo often watch or participate in Sand-Seal Racing or can be found at the Noble Canteen where the Noble Pursuit is a favorite among the Gerudo. Local spots of interest include the Northern Icehouse, the Kara Kara Bazaar, and the Gerudo Great Skeleton.


Though the Gerudo speak to visitors in Hylian, they have their own language and often use certain terms when speaking to travelers. They recommend that travelers learn a few words to help with their visit to Gerudo Town:

  • Vasaaq: welcome
  • Sav'otta: good morning
  • Sav'aaq: good day
  • Sav'orq: good-bye
  • Sarqso: thank you
  • Vai: woman
  • Voe: man

Gerudo Weapons

In addition to being strong warriors, the Gerudo also make many weapons that are specifically designed to match Gerudo training techniques.

Their weapons include: