Divine Beast Vah Naboris

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This article is about the dungeon inside the Divine Beast. For the Divine Beast in other uses, see Vah Naboris.
Divine Beast Vah Naboris
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Divine Beast Vah Naboris map








The Divine Beast Vah Naboris is one of the four Divine Beasts in Breath of the Wild. The interior of Vah Naboris serves as one of the four main dungeons in the game. Link must defeat Thunderblight Ganon in order to free the mechanical beast from Ganon's control.

Gaining Entrance

After recovering the Thunder Helm from the Yiga Clan Hideout, Link must meet Riju and her sand seal Patricia at the lookout post south of Gerudo Town. She then gives Link twenty Bomb Arrows to use on Vah Naboris' feet and stun it long enough to get aboard. 2 Bomb Arrows are needed per foot, totaling 8 hits. Since the Yiga Clan Hideout had to be visited prior to starting this part of the quest, the player will likely have a Duplex Bow on hand; its 2-shot property can help conserve ammunition, as only one Bomb Arrow per foot becomes necessary.

From there, both Link and Riju Shield Surf behind a pair of sand seals to Vah Naboris. With the Thunder Helm, Riju is able to make a safe area around her from the Divine Beast's lightning strikes, and Link takes advantage of this to use the Bomb Arrows to bring Naboris down. Before it recovers, he takes the opportunity to board.

Dungeon Overview


Walk forward and take out the Guardian Scout I or Guardian Scout II (Master Mode).

Continue up the ramp and take out the malice on the right.

Continue forward to the other side of the room, but don't go out yet. You will see a ramp on the wall to the right. Go up to obtain the map of the Divine Beast Vah Naboris by activating the Guidance Stone.


Terminal 1/5

Head back down the ramp and go outside. For the chest, use a combination on Magnesis/Stasis and cutting the rope with an arrow. Multiple methods exist to obtain this. Open the chest for an Ancient Core.

Return inside and go up the ramp to the right. Follow the plaform, continue up the stairs to the left and go out through the opening. Turn left, go up the ramp and follow the path around to a door on the left. Go inside and open the chest for Bomb Arrow x5.

Return out of the door, down the ramp and continue forward taking out the Guardian Scout I or Guardian Scout II (Master Mode).

Either bomb or bomb arrow the cracked wall. Return inside and forward to the cracked wall on the other side. Destroy the cracked wall using the same method as before. Go through and open the chest for an Ancient Spring.

Return inside and down to the floor in the center facing the back tail side. Bring up the map and you will see you can rotate three sections of the Divine Beast Vah Naboris. Rotate the back/tail side section 3 positions. You will see the floor rotating. Head to the taller structure on the far right and stand in front of it as you were going to climb up the floor. Bring up the map again and rotate the back/tail side section 1 position. As it is moving walk up the platform it now makes. Follow the platform around taking out the malice hanging underneath and activate Terminal 1.

Terminal 2/5

Turn to face the center of the room. Using the map, rotate the middle section 1 position. Jump down off the platform to the right, glide to the chest and open it for an Ancient Shaft.

Turn around and glide down to the next lower section of platforms. Turn and face the center again. Use the map to rotate the middle section 1 position. Walk across to the now completed platform up to the center of the small raised area. Turn left and drop off to the platform directly below the chest. Using the map rotate the middle section 1 position. Open the chest for, depending on how far you are in the quest, a Knight's Bow or Royal Bow.

Glide down to the floor toward the back/tail side (where the chest was hanging outside before) and stand in the opening to get a good view of the room. As you have probably noticed there is a green electricity bar in the middle section. On you map, there are orange bars in the front/back sections and a green bar in the middle section. If you have been following everything so far, rotate middle section 3 positions and the back/tail section 2 positions. You should see the wall on the opposite side of the room start to rotate. If this doesn't happen, on the map rotate the necessary sections so the bars are all at the top and you see a continuous green bar. Go to the other side of the room, stand in the doorway riding it towards the top. If you look just off the edge you will see a platform rotating with the wall. Fall/glide just off the edge landing on the platform. You will be able to exit through the center. Move toward the other side avoiding the spikes. You will now see 4 lasers. Use Stasis on one of them and continue to the chest taking out the malice. Open the chest for, depending on how far you are in the quest, a Knight's Shield or Royal Shield.

Return down the hallway avoiding the lasers and spikes. Drop down and now ride the doorway to the top. Go outside and drop down to the gear.

As you push the gear around, you will notice it moving another gear on the outside. Push it one way until the bulb raises to complete the circuit. Push it in the opposite direction to raise the bulb and complete the circuit on the opposite side. You will see the neck raise and an elevator drop. Ride the elevator to the top. Head inside and activate Terminal 2.

Terminal 3/5

Drop down, go inside and to the back/tail side doorway to have a good view of the room. Use the map and rotate the back/tail section 2 positions. Walk straight under the platform arch in front of you. Use the map and rotate the back/tail section 2 positions and ride to the top. Jump across to the platform on the left and exit. Don't worry about the circuit for now we will come back to it. Head out to the open area and walk to the edge on either the right or left. If you look down, there will be a ledge just below. Carefully drop off and glide to the ledge. Follow it around until you see a chest. Jump/glide to it and open for an Ancient Gear.

Fall down to the ledge below. Use the map again to rotate the back/tail secion 2 positions, go under the platform arch, rotate the back/tail section 2 more positions, turn left, jump to the ledge and exit the door again.

Now to complete the circuit. Use Magnesis to move the top and top middle sections towards the doorway. Move the bottom middle and bottom sections away. Circuit is complete and the tail raises.

Using the map rotate the back/tail section 1 position so the tail lowers. Go across this area and stand next to the bulb behind the structure. Use the map rotating the back/tail section 3 positions to complete the circuit riding the platform to the top. Go up the ramp taking out the malice.

Enter the room taking out the malice on the right.

There will be an elevator in the center. When it lowers you will see a chest. Use Magnesis to bring it to you and open for an Ancient Screw.

Look down the elevator shaft to the next level and take out the malice.

Walk around the shaft and on a ledge opposite of where you retrieved the chest is an electric globe. Use Magnesis and place it on the elevator to use it later.

There will be a ladder on the wall. Climb up to the next level. There will be a gear like you have seen before. Turn it to rotate the floor below activate the bulb and complete the circuit to start the moving platform.

Drop back down to the level below, exit the door behind the bulb, ride the platform that was just activated to the other side to find another elevator. Take out the Guardian Scout I or Guardian Scout II (Master Mode).

As the elevator moves take out the malice below and activate Terminal 3.

Terminal 4/5

Move around the elevator shaft looking down finding more malice to take care of and do so.

Ride the elevator up, find the electric globe and use Magnesis to place it on the elevator to use it later.

Go out the door, ride the platform to the chest and open for a Topaz.

Turn around and instead of riding the moving platform, jump/glide to the bottom. Look down the opening to the room below. To open the gates on the doorways, take out the 2 Guardian Scout I or Guardian Scout II (Master Mode). You can drop to the room below to do this, but you will most likely take damage, so it is safer from above.

Drop down into the room below and will see the terminal behind the gate. Remember those electric globes on the elevators? Go out the door on either side and retrieve both of them with Magnesis, placing them on the circular terminals to complete the circuits lowering the gate. Activate Terminal 4.

The above can be rendered redundant by casting Revali's Gale or manually making an updraft with campfires in order to get over the gate without solving the puzzle.

Terminal 5/5

Turn around and exit the door on the left towards the back/tail side. Head under the elevator and exit through the door. Turn left and go to the edge. This part is a bit tricky. Jump off and glide around to the left. There will be a ledge with a Guardian Scout. You can do a mid air shot or land and take out Guardian Scout I or Guardian Scout II (Master Mode).

Do not go back to the main room yet. There will be another smaller opening behind. Enter and there will be an enclosed ledge with the terminal. Enter the small area, use the map to rotate the back/tail section 1 position and activate Terminal 5.

Main Control Unit

Use the map to rotate the back/tail section 3 positions. Head over to the opening facing the main room, but before you enter, use your map and rotate each section 2 positions so the electric bar is on the bottom. Head in and activate the Main Control Unit to begin the fight with Thunderblight Ganon.

Thunderblight Ganon

Main article: Thunderblight Ganon

Phase I: Thunderblight Ganon uses lightning attacks from his sword and moves very quickly warping around to attack. He will warp from a distance and then close to strike you with his sword. Watch for the zigzag type movements he will do prior to attacking. Keeping your shield up as he approaches, which will help minimize damage. As Thunderblight Ganon approaches, you can either shield parry or perfect dodge with a backflip to get a flurry attack. If you miss the flurry attack, block with your shield and melee attack him to break down his shield. After his shield is down, you can melee attack him. If you have any ancient arrows, they will do significant damage. The best time to use them is when he is shooting lighting.

Phase II: As Thunderblight Ganon gets towards half health he will take a new approach. At first he will charge his sword with lightning. He will then drop metal spikes and charge them with lightning. If you are too close you will take damage and drop your weapons. As the spikes are falling, position yourself away from them, grab one with Magnesis and raise it up towards Thunderblight Ganaon. If it is close enough when he charges it with lightning, he will fall to the ground giving you the opportunity to attack. Use either melee attacks or ancient arrows if you have any to make the most damage; note other arrows can be used as well. Thunderblight Ganon will also use his original attack pattern, but with a lightning charged sword allowing him to shock you causing you to drop weapons/shield. Just take the same approach as in Phase I, but perfect dodge with a backflip works best. He will use any of his attacks with no specific pattern at this point.

Once you defeat Thunderblight Ganon, you will receive a Heart Container. Activate the Main Control Unit and receive Urbosa's Fury.

Illusory Realm

See also: Illusory Realm

After activating the main control unit, Link cannot reenter Vah Naboris. However, as part of the EX Champion Urbosa's Song DLC quest, he can present three Naboris's Emblems and be drawn into an "Illusory Realm" of memories, where he can re-experience the fight with Thunderblight Ganon with limited equipment.