Divine Beast Vah Ruta

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This article is about the dungeon inside the Divine Beast. For the Divine Beast in other uses, see Vah Ruta.

The Divine Beast Vah Ruta is one of the four Divine Beasts in Breath of the Wild. The interior of Vah Ruta serves as one of the four main dungeons in the game. Link must defeat Waterblight Ganon in order to free the mechanical beast from Ganon's control.

Gaining Entrance

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After Link has completed Reach Zora's Domain and obtained at least twenty Shock Arrows, he meets Prince Sidon at East Reservoir Lake. From there, Sidon will swim around the lake with Link on his back, while the Malice-controlled Vah Ruta will defend itself with giant ice cubes and spiked ice balls shot from cannons. Use Cryonis to destroy these.

Eventually, Sidon will swim in close, allowing Link to use the Zora Armor to swim up a torrent of water and hit a glowing orb with a Shock Arrow. Once all four orbs have been hit, the Divine Beast is subdued, and Sidon brings Link to the entrance.

Dungeon Overview


When entering the Divine Beast, there is a shut gate on the left in the first room. Shoot the eyeball to destroy the Malice, then open the gate with Cryonis to get the dungeon map from the Guidance Stone, allowing Link to change the angle of water coming from Vah Ruta's trunk.


  1. From the door to the map room, head toward the gears on the wall. Use Magnesis to turn the handle, raising the terminal, and then activate it.
  2. Turn around and head to the door on the right which leads outside. Follow the ramp up and enter the door on the right. Beside a Guardian Scout II, there is a water spout moving a smaller water wheel, and an unmoving larger water wheel. A terminal is inside the smaller wheel, and can be accessed by freezing the spout using Cryonis with proper timing.
  3. Using the map to drop water onto the large water wheel, ride it up and go past the Guardian Scout to activate the switch. This creates a waterfall to use as a shortcut. From the switch, paraglide to a walkway leading to the centre of the big wheel, and use Stasis to hold the Ancient Orb in the Shrine Pedestal as it rotates, such that the gate stays open and allows Link to access the terminal right-side-up.
  4. Swim up the waterfall, grab the chest if desired, then go through the corridor behind where the Guardian Scout was. The terminal is on the very tip of the trunk. While this area can only be reached when the trunk is lowered, it can only be activated with the trunk in a high position, so it must be raised once Link reaches the waterspout.
  5. In the centre of Ruta's back, there is a small hole. Jump through it, and once on the surface, destroy the eyeball before the mouth can spit out Cursed Bokoblins. Look down through the gap in the floor to see the terminal surrounded by flames. In front of Link is a wall with gears and a handle. Use Magnesis to turn the handle to open the top of Ruta's head, and use the map to move Ruta's trunk to send water through the openings and extinguish the flame, allowing the final terminal to be activated.

With all the terminals activated, Link can return to the lowest level and enter the door opposite the map room. This is where the main control unit lies, and Waterblight Ganon.

Waterblight Ganon

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Phase I: Waterblight Ganon uses a spear to attack that has pretty good range which he will swing, thrust, throw or use a shockwave. He also warps around the area. Focus on attacking his eye with arrows to stun him. Bomb arrows will work better than regular arrows as it will inflict more damage. When you hit his eye enough he will be stunned and fall. You can also just shoot him anywhere with an ancient arrow inflicting the most damage and he will fall right away. Run up to him and attack with melee weapons, arrows, elemental arrows or ancient arrows. Perfect dodge or backflip his spear attacks for melee flurry attack as well.

Phase II: As Waterblight Ganon gets towards half health he will take a new approach. He will fill the room with water leaving 4 solid platforms to stand on. He will be hanging from the ceiling now and begin using ice block attacks which can be taken out with Cryonis. It will be difficult to attack him if you are not on solid ground. You can use Cryonis to stand in the water area. When his health gets down enough he will use a laser from his eye. If you get hit by this it will cause significant damage. Continue your attack method as previous. Waterblight Ganon will use any of his attacks with no specific pattern at this point.

Once you defeat Waterblight Ganon, you will receive a Heart Container. Activate the Main Control Unit to free Mipha's spirit and receive Mipha's Grace.

Illusory Realm

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After activating the main control unit, Link cannot reenter Vah Ruta. However, as part of the EX Champion Mipha's Song DLC quest, he can present three Ruta's Emblems and be drawn into an "Illusory Realm" of memories, where he can re-experience the fight with Waterblight Ganon with limited equipment.


Treasure Chests

  • From the map terminal room, there is a Treasure Chest in the water to the right. Use Magnesis to pull the chest out of the water and open for an Ancient Spring.
  • In the area with the second terminal, a ledge with a Silver Rupee chest can be reached by gliding from the top of the smaller water wheel.
  • In the same room, using the map to set the large waterwheel turning allows access to a malice-covered chest on the outside of the wheel. Kill the eyeball to allow the chest to be looted for the bundle of ten Fire Arrows inside.
  • Inside the large waterwheel, use stasis to hold a block toward the outside of the wheel, allowing access to a chest on the wheel's hub with an Ancient Core. It is advisable to avoid being crushed when the stasis expires.
  • Swim up the waterfall created from pressing the switch, and paraglide from the highest point over to the ledge ahead with the chest. Open it for a Hylia Series spear - depending on the current World Level, possibly a Knight's Halberd or Royal Halberd.
  • Outside, a chest is on the inside of the trunk, containing an Ancient Shaft. Manipulate the trunk until Link can open it.
  • From the tip of the trunk in the highest position, a chest is visible on the left side of Ruta's back covered in Malice, while the eye is on the opposite side. Once the eyeball is destroyed, the chest can be opened for a bundle of ten Ice Arrows.