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Prince Sidon
Sidon - TotK key art nobg.png


Breath of the Wild
Zora Prince
Age of Calamity
Winning Smile
Tears of the Kingdom
Prince of the Zora







King Dorephan (father)
Mipha (older sister)
Yona (fiancée, later wife)


Voice Actor

Jamie Mortellaro (English)

Sidon, properly titled as Prince Sidon, is a character in Breath of the Wild, Age of Calamity, and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Sidon is the son of King Dorephan of the Zora and the younger brother to Mipha, the Zora Champion. Even though Sidon is a member of royalty, he does not let that affect his personality. He had a very cheerful demeanor and always remains positive. He treats everybody with respect, even members of other races, which is why he is so adored by his fellow Zora.

Inogo Bridge

When traveling through the Lanayru Wetlands, Link will encounter numerous Zora, who implore him to visit Sidon over at the Inogo Bridge. Zora's Domain is in terrible trouble and Sidon is in need of a strong Hylian to help out.[1][2][3][4]

Link first encounters Sidon at the Inogo Bridge, which crosses over the Zora River. Upon meeting him, Sidon introduces himself as a prince of the Zora.[5][6] After finding out that he is specific to name, he applauds the fantastic name, but wonders whether he had heard of it before.[7] Sidon hopes that Link helps out Zora's Domain as it currently is in grave danger due to the perpetual rainfall that is caused by Divine Beast Vah Ruta.[8] Sidon mentions that because of the rain, Link cannot climb any of the nearby cliffs, so he'll have to take the main path. Unfortunately the enemies up ahead all use electricity, but that doesn't cause Sidon to lose any confidence in Link. Instead, he gives Link an Electro Elixir so that he can withstand some electricity attacks.[9][10][11][12] After speaking with Sidon at the Inogo Bridge, this will begin the Reach Zora's Domain quest.

Reach Zora's Domain

Main article: Reach Zora's Domain

Periodically as Link travels towards Zora's Domain, Sidon will appear from Zora's River to give him encouragement. He first appears right after the main path crosses over Zora's Domain twice, at which point he mentions that there are a lot of monsters and Link should proceed carefully.[13] He appears again near the Bank of Wishes to offer encourage.[14] Later after Link is crossing the Oren Bridge, Sidon appears to mention that there are a lot of enemies up ahead.[15] He appears again when Link is at Luto's Crossing, but is interrupted as a Blue Moblin appears to attack Link.[16] Finally when Link crosses the Great Zora Bridge, Sidon welcomes Link to Zora's Domain and wants to introduce Link to the King.[17]

Zora's Domain Throne Room

When Link meets with King Dorephan, the King will recognize Link as the Hylian Champion from 100 years ago.[18] This causes Sidon to recall Link as well, then remembering where he had heard the name from before.[19] After the King speaks about his lost daughter Mipha, Sidon will jump in, shifting the conversation to the problem at hand, which is the Divine Beast Vah Ruta.[20]

The King's aid, Muzu, is strongly opposed to Link helping out the Zora.[21] Sidon will step in and say that Link is only here because he himself had invited him. With the unprecedented amount of rain coming from Vah Ruta, the Zora needed to rely on an outsider. It is mentioned that the three of them had discussed this prior and came to the same conclusion.[22]

Sidon mentions that one of their fellow Zora, Seggin, who is a bit shock resistant hit the Divine Beast with a Shock Arrow. It caused the water flow to slow down for a bit, but unfortunately, it soon came back. Since the Zora are an aquatic race and more vulnerable to electric attacks, Seggin was not able to strike it with enough electricity to stop it completely. This is why Sidon has gone out searching for a Hylian like Link. Sidon asks Link to use Shock Arrows to hit the orbs on Vah Ruta.[23] Sidon offers to help out in any way that he possibly can. After the King gives Link the Zora Armor, Muzu will display his strong resistance to the idea, as the Zora Armor was handcrafted by Mipha herself. It was intended only to be gifted to someone who she swore to marry. Link did not fit that criteria and had no such relationship.[24] Muzu will then walk off, at which point Sidon will follow suit. Telling Link not to worry too much about Muzu and that he would come around.[25]

Zora's Domain Main Square

Sidon and Muzu will then by speaking in front of the Mipha statue, at the main square of Zora's Domain. Sidon tries to convince Muzu that Link in fact did know Mipha and that Mipha had an undying love for Link.[26] Muzu strongly rejects this, as he doesn't think it possible that Mipha could have feelings for a Hylian, and that Link does not remember anything.[27]

After Link gazes at Mipha's statue, he will recall one of his memories. During Mipha's Touch, Link remembers spending time with Mipha atop the Divine Beast where she should heal Link's wounds. Link explains this to Muzu, but Muzu still does not believe him.[28][29] Muzu demands proof in order to change his mind and Sidon suggests to Link that they do in fact have proof. He encourages Link to put on the Zora Armor that the King gave him. After Link puts on the Armor, Muzu is a bit shocked that it fits perfectly.[30] Sidon explains that Mipha made the armor just for Link. Sidon explains to Muzu that Mipha knew about his distrust for Hylians and this is why Mipha kept this information from him.[31]

Muzu will then encourage Link to travel up to Ploymus Mountain to take on a Lynel. There he will find some shock arrows, of which Muzu tells Link to acquire 20 of them to appease the Divine Beast. Sidon knows that Link is up for the challenge.[32] Even if Link already has shock arrows, Sidon suggests that he can head up to the mountain to find some more if needed.[33] Sidon then tells Link that he will be waiting at the East Reservoir Lake. Once Link is ready to take on the Divine Beast, he should join him there.[34]

Divine Beast Vah Ruta

Link later meets Sidon at the East Reservoir Lake, where the two confront Ruta. Link rides atop Sidon, who will take Link one of the waterfalls falling from Ruta's body, where Link can swim up and attack the beast. Once Ruta has been neutralized, Sidon takes Link to the entrance, and then returns to the domain to wait for Link's return.

Once Link returns, Sidon is incredibly indebted for the work he has done in saving the domain[35], and will be no matter how many times Link returns to speak with him.


Age of Calamity

"Winning Smile
The Zora prince from the future and younger brother to Champion Mipha. He is unwaveringly positive with a strong sense of duty. He fights for Hyrule and to save his sister.

— In-game description
Sidon - HWAoC.png

In the Mipha, the Zora Princess Scenario, Sidon is reported missing in the midst of the chaos caused by Ganon's monster army which leaves his older sister Mipha and her allies to go find him,[36] while protecting the outposts that the Zora Captains guard. He is found on Ploymus Mountain, the one place that is strictly off-limits, where he is confronting the Red-Maned Lynel with a spear. Once the Lynel was driven off after the battle, Mipha reunites with Sidon who lightly scolds him for wandering away to a forbidden place and scaring her like that,[37] but she complements his courage, which makes him smile.[38] When monster reinforcements appear, Link, Princess Zelda, and Impa take Sidon back to Zora's Domain while Mipha assumes control over Divine Beast Vah Ruta to flush out the monsters from the area. He is also at the throne room when his father King Dorephan permits Mipha to become the Zora Champion, on the condition that she returns home safely.

Later on, in the Water and Fire Scenario, an adult Sidon bursts out of the Gate of Time that Terrako created and uses both Ceremonial Tridents to block Waterblight Ganon's flail and Cryonic formations before they could hit Mipha, unwilling to lose her again,[39] which shocks the Zora Champion as she is more familiar with her brother being a child.[40] As Waterblight Ganon proved to be too powerful for them, Mipha approaches it with the Lightscale Trident in hand,[41] as Sidon objects to her doing so.[42] Fortunately, Sidon brought enough time for Link and the others to arrive and slay the water-based creature.[43] While Mipha is exhausted and no further danger in the vicinity, Sidon leaves Vah Ruta to join Link's group as they journey to defeat the Igneo Talus along with Vah Ruta splashing water on the flow of lava, in order to reach Divine Beast Vah Rudania where Daruk and Yunobo are battling Fireblight Ganon and defeated the latter. Sidon and Mipha join on Vah Rudania where the latter questions if he is her brother;[44] Sidon confirms to her that he is,[45] and explains that he arrived from the future.[46] Daruk laughs dismissively before asking Zelda what happened at Hyrule Castle.[47]

In the EX Battle of Goponga Village Guardian of Remembrance DLC, Sidon and Mipha are out assisting the Zora army with protecting Goponga Village from the monsters that were attacking it. Once the battle lightens up enough to allow Sidon and the active soldiers to regroup and proceed to the next task,[48] Mipha is healing the ones who are badly wounded,[49] and she finds her brother and his troops fighting more monsters,[50] as an Electric Moblin slips by and approaches her. The younger Sidon appears and steps between her and the Moblin with a spear in both hands,[51] as a scared Mipha pleads for him to flee.[52] Fortunately, the adult Sidon arrives just in time to kill the Moblin before checking on his younger self,[53] as Mipha is relieved that they are both okay,[54] before asking her own Sidon why he is here.[55] The adult Sidon deduces that he wanted to help them,[56] while letting him know that he should never sneak off on them, but he does praise him for his bravery that turned his attention to them.[57] He goes on to tell him that he will get stronger so that he can protect his sister,[58] while trailing off for a moment before they both grin, which Mipha laughs in amusement.

Later, after the Champions and their Divine Beasts are saved, Zelda recalls Sidon's tale of how he ended up in this era,[59] causing her to realize that Terrako was responsible for the Champions surviving and the Divine Beasts being saved from corruption and thanks it before they head to Akkala Citadel.

In the Relentless as a Waterfall Scenario, Sidon and Mipha join up on Vah Ruta to help the military defend Akkala Citadel as they trudge their way there along the path.[60] Upon arrival, they saved Link and the group from one of the Guardians, and they assure them that they have them covered and they will be there for them.[61][62] Mipha then tells Sidon how proud she is to have him at his side,[63] with Sidon replies with some meloncholy,[64] as the loss of his own Mipha still haunts him,[65] before she then turns to focus on the battle ahead of them, as she and Sidon join tridents.[66][67] Sidon stays on Vah Ruta to retain control over it in order to maintain crowd control as Mipha heads out to heal the Hylian military troops of their injuries and managed to keep them at bay until Daruk and Yunobo arrive to help back them up until the Hyrulean army, under Robbie, used the cannons to destroy the bridge just as the Malice Guardians begin to cross over. They defeat the fallen Guardians and successfully saved the stronghold.

In the All Hyrule, United Scenario, Purah has restored power to the Sheikah Towers and added extra power to summon the armies from all across Hyrule. Mipha is happy to see that everything went well,[68] with Sidon adding that their top priority now is to destroy Calamity Ganon.[69] With her father's approval, Princess Zelda takes command of the united Hyrulean army and reminds them that Hyrule is their home that they must protect and as long as they are not divided, but united, they are unstoppable. They charge into the outposts to take control of them and destroy the monsters that generate Calamity Ganon's barrier around Hyrule Castle so Zelda can weaken it further with her power so the Champions can open fire. Despite the Blood Moon's appearance causing the slain monsters to be revived, the army managed to push their way through.

In The Future of Hyrule Scenario, Zelda leads the ground army as Revali and Teba lead the air force as they zero in on the castle. Harbinger Ganon and Astor awaited their arrival and the latter is on the verge of madness as he goes on a rant that it was his fate to crush them under his heels. The warriors have managed to utterly obliterate the Blight Ganons for good before they confronted the villainous duo and managed to defeat them. Astor finally loses it as he orders the Harbinger to kill them, only for the Malice to consume him instead to take on a humanoid form: Calamity Ganon. During the transformation, Terrako is infected by the Malice, and it turns on Link and the princess. After it was defeated, Sidon and the Champions have a moment to mourn for it with Zelda, who is then determined to end Ganon's reign of terror once and for all as they charge upstairs into the Sanctum where Calamity Ganon was waiting for them. Initially, Ganon proved to be too much for them since reincarnating, to the point where Zelda tries to use her sealing power to defeat it, until Terrako is brought back to life, and it rushes upstairs and jumps between her and Ganon, destroying itself to shatter Ganon's defenses, allowing the warriors to do conventional attacks to critically wound Ganon. Link then uses his Master Sword to slash Ganon with some motivation from Daruk and Revali, as Princess Zelda uses her power to destroy the abomination once and for all. As the people rejoice and the heroes enjoy the returning peace that they have fought to preserve, Terrako's blessed screw glows and it sends Sidon, Yunobo, Teba, and Riju back to their own time. The goodbyes between Mipha and Sidon are bittersweet, as Mipha is optimistic that they will meet again,[70] as Sidon replies that their hearts will never be apart.[71] Princess Zelda promises that she won't forget the miracles that they have performed and as they vanished, she wishes light to shine upon their future for all time.

In the secret DLC ending, Sidon is bonding with his younger counterpart as Mipha arrives to pay them a visit, and she pats both of them on their heads which causes them to make their trademark grins once more. Sidon and Mipha are seen with the present and future Champions as they interact among themselves and Terrako joins in and entertains them.




Tears of the Kingdom

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Sidon - TotK key art 2.jpg

"The son of King Dorephan. An enthusiastic Zora with a zeal for justice, he selflessly protects the domain with integrity and passion. His older sister, the Champion Mipha, fought Calamity Ganon a hundred years ago. Link earned his complete trust when they worked together to save the domain years before. He now considers him his closest companion."

— In-game character profile

Sidon is the prospective heir to the throne of Zora's Domain. He is expected to soon marry Lady Yona, his fiancée. After the events of Breath of the Wild, Sidon has developed a great admiration for Link, and talks about him every day to Lady Yona. In the recent past, the Zora have constructed The Turning Tide, a statue of Sidon and Link during their rescue of Divine Beast Vah Ruta.

Mipha Court

Sidon can initially be found in Mipha Court on top of Ploymus Mountain, treating the Sludge afflicted water with his water-manipulation abilities. Link is directed to him by Yona after Link cleans The Turning Tide.

Sidon was worried when he heard that Link had disappeared, and is more than thrilled to see him when he arrives. After hearing Link's story about the Sky Islands, Sidon explains his theory of the sludge coming from The Sky, which he tasked a Zora historian to investigate. Sidon is not able to leave his current location, however, as he must continue separating the sludge from the water that flows into Zora's Domain. He postulates that the whereabouts of Princess Zelda may be related to the Sky Islands and their ruins, and encourages Link to speak with the historian Jiahto.

After this discussion, Link can return to Sidon and ask him about several topics of interest, including Jiahto, the sludge, and Yona. Asking about Jiahto and the sludge will reiterate details from the previous discussion. If Link asks about Yona, he will give some backstory into how they came to know each other - as childhood companions. He admits a feeling of awkwardness around her, and that they have barely spoken since she arrived. He appreciates her immense help in dealing with the sludge and her never-ending kindness.



King Dorephan





Sidon's colour highlights were designed to be light gray almost at the end of development, to the point his final design art was gray.

He was changed to red when his model was rendered because he did not stand out enough against the dark, rainy Zora's Domain; and because it was felt that he needed to resemble his sister Mipha more.

Voice Actors

Language Name Meaning Voice Actor
English Sidon Sidon Jamie Mortellaro
Japanese (日本語) シド (Shido) Sidon Kōsuke Ōnishi (大西 弘祐)
French Sidon Sidon Bruno Meyere
Italian Sidon Sidon Paolo De Santis
German Sidon Sidon Nic Romm
Russian Сидон (Sidon) Sidon Polina Tarasova
EU Spanish Sidon Sidon Sergio Mesa
LA Spanish Sidon Sidon Pepe Toño Macías


  1. ... I can see it in your eyes. You're asking yourself, "Why me?" A reasonable question for a stranger accosted by a passing Zora in such a manner. But I must assure you, this venture will be very profitable for you as well! You see, Prince Sidon of the Zora is in desperate search of a strong Hylian. And as this is a royal request from the prince himself, it's safe to assume a generous reward is in the cards... That is why I am asking you to meet with Prince Sidon at Inogo Bridge, along the Zora River just upstream of here. - Ledo
  2. I know it! I SO knew it! Well, what are you waiting for?! Go see Prince Sidon! He's waiting at Inogo Bridge, which is upstream of Zora River. Please listen to what dear Prince Sidon has to say! - Tona
  3. Perfect! It must be my lucky day! Oh... *ahem* I apologize for calling out to you so suddenly. I am Torfeau of the Zora. I have been searching for a Hylian like you for a very long time! My home, Zora's Domain, is in terrible danger. That is why Prince Sidon sent me in search of a strong Hylian warrior. - Torfeau
  4. Oh! Hey! This is the first time I've seen one! I'm Tottika of the Zora! Aren't you...a Hylian? You ARE, aren't you?! Yes, I can tell! You are most certainly a Hylian! As fate would have it, our Prince Sidon is looking for a Hylian like you. The prince is at Inogo Bridge right now. Will you consent to go and see him? I mean, you don't have to if you don't want to... Though...I'd kind of like you to go even if you don't want to... Hm, yes! It is decided! You will indeed go and see the prince, even if you don't really want to! - Tottika
  5. Say, hey there! Young one! Up top! Above you! Pardon the entrance, but you're a Hylian, aren't you? I was hoping perhaps you'd have a moment to talk... - Sidon
  6. Aha! A Hylian! Yes, I knew it! Oh, pardon me... I am Sidon, the Zora prince! And what is your name? Go on, please tell me! - Sidon
  7. Link? Your name is Link?! What a fantastic name! Hmm, though I cannot shake the feeling that I have heard it somewhere before... Well, in any case, it is a strong name! To be honest, I've been watching you. I've seen the way you work. I can tell by how you carry yourself that you are no ordinary person. Link! You must be a strong warrior among the Hylians, correct?! - Sidon
  8. Aha! Just as I suspected! I am a Zora prince, after all. I have an eye for talent that is unparalleled! Yes! Exquisite! I have been searching for someone like you for a long while. A man like you, Link, who carries himself with power! Right now, Zora's Domain is in grave danger because of the massive rainfall coming from Divine Beast Vah Ruta! Please, promise you will help us! We need your strength, warrior! Won't you please come to Zora's Domain with me? - Sidon
  9. Wow! Really?! Thank you, Link! You are indeed the man I thought you were! Now Zora's Domain will be saved for certain! No time to waste! Hurry up and head over! - Sidon
  10. Because of the rain, the cliffs are too wet to climb. To reach the domain you will need to go straight along this path. As a Hylian, I know you are unable to swim up the river. As such, the path to the domain may be a bit treacherous. You likely have a tough fight in store - there are monsters up ahead that attack with electricity. - Sidon
  11. Don't give up! I believe in you! ... Oh! That's right! I have something that I would like to give to you! This is just a small trinket to show that I have faith in you. - Sidon
  12. It's a drink that will increase your resistance to electricity! I am not sure why, but its effects do not seem to work for Zora. Perhaps because it was made specifically for Hylians. It should work wonders for you, though! I shall go on ahead and make sure there is not anything strange going on where you are headed. I'm counting on you! - Sidon
  13. Hey! Link!! Sorry for calling out to you from the river! Since I pressured you into coming, I was not sure you would really come through. I am pleased things are going well. Ever since this strange occurance, there have been a lot of monsters around here. Be careful as you proceed! And hurry! All of my fellow Zora are anxiously awaiting your arrival! - Sidon
  14. HEY! Over here! Sorry for calling from so far away! The domain is still a ways off, but you're making good progress! I shall be along soon myself. I won't be much longer! In the meantime, I'll be cheering you on from here in the river, so hang in there! You can do it! Stay strong! - Sidon
  15. Hey! Link!! You're almost halfway to Zora's Domain! Oh, by the way, there are a few spots up ahead with lots of enemies...but I'm sure you will be fine! I believe in you, Link! - Sidon
  16. Hey! Link!! Look below! Down here! You are still pretty far off, my friend! But I was sure you'd be passing over this bridge, so I have been waiting for you. You will be in Zora's Domain before you know it! In fact, I'm going to head that way too! I shall meet you there! Whoa! Link!! Beware, warrior! A monster approaches from behind you! - Sidon
  17. Whoa! I've been waiting for you, Link! Welcome! Behold the pride of my people, Zora's Domain! Now I shall introduce you to the king. Hurry, this way! - Sidon
  18. You are the Hylian Champion, Link! Do not tell me you have forgotten me... - King Dorephan
  19. The Hylian Champion? You can't mean THE Link? THAT Champion?! So that's where I have heard your name before! What a fateful coincidence that we should cross paths! I cannot believe it. - Sidon
  20. Father... I do not believe discussing my sister is helping matters at the moment. Link seems confused. - Sidon
  21. What?! King Dorephan! My liege! Please do not speak so! To ask a Hylian for help... Why, the very thought of it curls my fins! - Muzu
  22. Muzu! It is rude to speak that way to your king and his guest. Link is here because I invited him! With such unprecedented rainfall, we have no choice but to rely on the aid of a trustworthy Hylian. Have we not already discussed this and arrived at the very conclusion? He is the key to saving Zora's Domain. I have no doubt in my mind. - Sidon
  23. Seggin, who is quite shock resistant for a Zora, hit one with a shock arrow. Sure enough, it slowed the water a bit. Unfortunately, as an aquatic race, we Zora are terribly vulnerable to the power of electricity. Perhaps because we could not safely strike it with enough electricity at once, the water soon returned to its full force. That is why I went in search of a Hylian who could help us! Link, I am certain you have already figured this out, but... We need you to use shock arrows to get those orbs workig properly again! I will aid you in any way I can, of course. Please, hero... I beg of you. Help me stop Ruta's rampage of destruction! - Sidon
  24. King Dorephan!! Surely you do not really intend to give this outsider the Zora armor! Countless generations of Zora princesses have gifted that armor to the one they have sworn to marry! Princess Mipha made that one there with her own hands! It is far too important to entrust to a shady Hylian! He may be a Champion, but Mipha had no such relationship with him. So why should HE receive such an honor? This is just too much, my leige..... - Muzu
  25. Link! Do not let his words concern you. I will work this out with Muzu. I shall return shortly! - Sidon
  26. Listen well, Muzu. There is something you need to know. He who stands here...the man called the one whom my sister, Mipha, had feelings for. I was only a child then, so I did not know it myself at the time. But it is so. I grew up hearing my father tell stories, some of which were about my sister's undying love for a Hylian named Link. - Sidon
  27. What?! No... You cannot fool me with such a fanciful lie. Not this Zora! How could Lady Mipha possibly have feelings for a Hylian like him?! The facts are clear. He remembers nothing. Even when he looks upon Princess Mipha's statue... - Muzu
  28. WHAT?! Do not mistake me for a fool, Hylian! There is no way you remembered her just now, when it is most convenient. In any case, without any solid proof, I cannot possibly take you at your word! If you have any such proof, now is the time to show it. Do so, and...and I...I shall tell you how to get those shock arrows! Yes, as well as anything else you wish to know. - Muzu
  29. Save your lies for another Zora. Without any solid proof, I have no choice but to assume you are a lying scoundrel. If you are truly Lady Mipha's beloved, then prove it! Do so and I will tell you how to get those shock arrows, as well as anything else you wish to know. - Muzu
  30. Hm? You really think changing your clothes is going to make me... Eh?! What in the... That is the Zora armor from before! Lady Mipha made that by hand... and yet it fits you perfectly! What is the meaning of this?! - Muzu
  31. Now you understand, do you not? Now you know who her heart belonged to and who she made this special armor for. The fact that this armor fits Link perfectly should be proof enough that Mipha made it for him and him alone! You have always disliked Hylians, even before the Great Calamity. That is why Mipha never told you. Now that you know, you must promise to help him save us all, Muzu. Please... Tell us where we can find the shock arrows we need. Knowing you, I bet you have already figured it out. - Sidon
  32. Aha! You must mean that Lynel! He is a man-beast, that one! That beast does indeed wield shock arrows. That is certainly one way to collect them quickly. He is vicious, to be sure. But I am certain Link will use to the challenge. - Sidon
  33. Hm? Well, well!! What have we here? It seems you already have some shock arrows! Still, if you need any more, you can always go to Ploymus Mountain to restock! - Sidon
  34. Link... I'll be waiting for you at East Reservoir Lake, right by the Divine Beast. When you are ready, come join me there! - Sidon
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