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Prince Sidon


Zora Prince







Sidon, also known as Prince Sidon, is a character in Breath of the Wild. He is the son of King Dorephan of the Zoras and younger brother to Mipha, the Zora Champion.


Link first encounters Sidon at the Inogo Bridge, which crosses the Zora River. Sidon asks Link to help him attack the Divine Beast Vah Ruta, since he requires the help of a Hylian who can wield Shock Arrows, as the Zora's cannot. During Link's trek to Zora's Domain, Sidon will periodically speak to Link, giving him words of encouragement along the way. Upon arrival at the domain, Sidon will guide Link to meet King Dorephan, who graciously accepts Link to help stop Ruta.

Later, Sidon and Muzu speak with Link of potential ways of obtaining shock arrows. Muzu suggests that Link goes to Ploymus Mountain, where a Lynel resides, which contain the arrows stuck in trees. Sidon is at first skeptical of this idea, as the Lynel poses a great threat to Link, and it could ruin the only chance to save Zora's Domain, but he admits that it would get the arrows necessary to stop Ruta. Link later meets Sidon at the East Reservoir Lake, where the two confront Ruta. Link rides atop Sidon, who will take Link one of the waterfalls falling from Ruta's body, where Link can swim up and attack the beast. Once Ruta has been neutralized, Sidon takes Link to the entrance, and then returns to the domain to wait for Link's return.

Once Link returns, Sidon is incredibly indebted for the work he has done in saving the domain[1], and will be no matter how many times Link returns to speak with him.



  1. "Oh, and have I mentioned how incredible you are? And how thankful I am? Because you are!" — Sidon, Breath of the Wild