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Breath of the Wild
Kincean Island North (Initially)
Zora's Domain
Tears of the Kingdom
Zora's Domain


Cleff (Older Brother)

Tona is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Tona is a Zora who can initially be found in the water at the Lanayru Wetlands. She swims around near a bridge, just southwest of the Boné Pond. When Link first approaches Tona, she is very excited to see Link and to find out that he is in fact a real Hylian.[1][2] Tona will tell Link to visit Prince Sidon, who can be found at Inogo Bridge, which is upstream of Zora River.[3] She doesn't give Link much reasoning as to why Sidon needs to talk to him, but strongly encourages Link to head in that direction.[4][5]

After Link arrives at Zora's Domain, Tona can be find with Tula and Laruta. The three of them make of Prince Sidon's Fan Club. Tona is happy that Link actually made the journey to Zora's Domain. Tona is obsessed with Prince Sidon, to the point where she thinks about him at nighttime, and it makes her unable to fall asleep.[6] She things that Sidon is hot stuff, but also know that her older sister Mipha was also very gorgeous. She wishes that she could have been born into that same royal family instead.[7] Instead, she was born into a family where she has Cleff as an older brother.

While Tona knows about Mipha's gorgeous looks, she is less than 100 years old so she wasn't around when Mipha was still alive. She encourages Link to speak with an older Zora who speaks more formally.[8] Tona explains to Link that it is a Zora tradition, that the older they get, the develop higher speaking standards. So older Zora, even those that are more than 200 years old, speak very formally.[9]

Each evening at 8pm, Tona breaks away from Tula, walking partially across the bridge to the west.[10] She stands there pondering whether or not she should go and see Prince Sidon.[11] After midnight each evening, Tona will get tired and walk to the back of Zora's Domain. She sleeps in a small pond with Finley and Laruta nearby.[12]

Tears of the Kingdom

In Tears of the Kingdom, Tona can initially be found recovering from Sludge in the infirmary with Capelo. She doesn't particularly like the sludge, as it makes her feel gross.



  1. Uwaah! You're a... Hey! Come here! - Tona
  2. Oh, my! Oh, wow! Oh, whoa! It's a Hylian! A real Hylian! Um... I mean... You are a Hylian, right? - Tona
  3. I know it! I SO knew it! Well, what are you waiting for?! Go see Prince Sidon! He's waiting at Inogo Bridge, which is upstream of Zora River. Please listen to what dear Prince Sidon has to say! - Tona
  4. I know it's sudden, but you'll understand everything once you get there. Trust me! You'll see! - Tona
  5. Hey, Mr. Hylian! Please stop dawdling and go see Prince Sidon! Prince Sidon is waiting upstream of Zora River at Inogo Bridge! Now go! Yes, and listen to what he has to say! - Tona
  6. Oh! You're the guy I met at Zora River! I can't believe you really came! The name's Tona! I'm a member of Prince Sidon's fan club. When I think about Prince Sidon, I can't sleep at night... I'm sooo tired... - Tona
  7. Prince Sidon is the Champion Mipha's little brother and King Dorephan's son! Prince Sidon is hot stuff right now, but they say his big sister was a gorgeous Zora as well. For both siblings to be so beautiful... Oh, I'm just so jealous! Instead of having Cleff for a big brother, I wish I had been born their royal little sister instead! - Tona
  8. Mipha passed away 100 years ago. She was Prince Sidon's big sister. I wasn't even born 100 years ago, so I don't really know what happened around that time... But if you talk to someone who speaks super formally, they're likely over a century old. They might know more! - Tona
  9. Yep! It's a Zora thing. As we age, we hold ourselves to higher speaking standards. It's a matter of pride. So if you find a Zora older than 100, or maybe even an old Zora who's over 200... They might know something about what happened to Mipha a century ago! - Tona
  10. Yes, yes! This is the first time I've seen the sun in a long while! Anyhoo... Wanna chat? If you have any questions, I'm happy to oblige! - Tona
  11. Prince Sidon... I wonder if I should go see him... - Tona
  12. I'm getting sleepy. - Tona