Kincean Island

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Kincean Island is a location in Breath of the Wild, situated within the Lanayru Wetlands.

Breath of the Wild

Kincean Island is found at the northeast end of the Millennio Sandbar within the Lanayru Wetlands. It connects with Molida Island to the southwest and Mercay Island to the northwest by a series of small wooden bridges. The Rutala River can be found to the east of the island. The main attraction on the island is the large red Hinox.

At the east side of the island there is a circle of rocks, with one rock missing from the formation. Link can put it in place to get a Korok Seed. Near the circle of rocks, there is a cave tucked away behind a bombable wall. Inside, Link can find a Throwing Spear, a Forest Dweller's Bow, Rushrooms, and some crates with Arrows and Apples.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Use the nearby rock to complete the circle.

Use the nearby rock to complete the circle.