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Kayden (Father)
Kodah (Mother)
Sasan (Boyfriend)

Finley is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Finley is a Zora who lives in Zora's Domain with her father Kayden and mother Kodah. Their family runs the Seabed Inn. During the daytime, Finley can be found walking around the town square and the second floor. She wakes up at 6am, and makes her way down to the Seabed Inn where she stands near the beds.

Early on, before Link has appeased the Divine Beast Vah Ruta, Finley is really down on herself. She's upset with her mother, as due to the Divine Beast, her mom won't let Finley venture off out of Zora's Domain. She wants to go to the Bank of Wishes to send a letter. Finley is very annoyed, because she thinks she's a young woman now, but because she hasn't reached her growth spurt yet, she still has the appearance of a young child.[1]

Finley has a pen pal that she wants to send her letter to. She always sends a letter in a bottle down Zora River, and always gets a reply.[2] She says that whoever replies to your message is somebody that will be yours forever. At least that's how the legend goes.[3] Finley is looking for her special prince. While she acknowledges that most of the Zora girls are head over flippers for Prince Sidon, she thinks everyone has their own special prince out there., just for them.[4]

At 4pm, Finley will walk up the large staircase, leading up to the second floor of Zora's Domain. Despite her young appearance, she speaks to Link as if she is older than him. She mentions that kids like Link should be in bed at that time of day and that he should go to bed soon.[5][6] She dives into the small pond where she will go to sleep for the evening.[7]

After defeating the Divine Beast Vah Ruta, the sun will finally shine on Zora's Domain. This makes Finley happy and she prepares a letter to send it down the Bank of Wishes.[8][9]



  1. Ugh! I'm so mad at her! I need to go to the Bank of Wishes to send a letter...but Mother won't let me go because of that water monster. She treats my like I'm still a child. It's sooo condescending. It's really terrible to be at that awkward Zora age where I'm a young woman but I haven't had my growth spurt yet. Just my luck to be a late bloomer. I'll probably NEVER grow taller. Ugh, it's awful to be me sometimes. I doubt Hylians have to deal with nonsense like this since you age so fast. You're so luck. - Finley
  2. I have a pen pal! When I put a letter in a bottle and send it down Zora River, I always get a reply, without fail. It's so fun and mysterious! - Finley
  3. The Bank of Wishes is halfway down Zora River. If you send a letter down the river from the Bank of Wishes and get a reply... that person will be yours forever! That's how the legend goes, anyway. - Finley
  4. I'm Finley. All the other girls are head over flippers for Prince Sidon... But not me. I believe everyone has their own special prince out there, just waiting for them! - Finley
  5. *gurgle* Never mind me...but it's past the time that kids like you should be in bed. - Finley
  6. *yawn* You should go to sleep soon. - Finley
  7. Zzz... *gurgle* Zzz... *gurgle* - Finley
  8. It's sunny! Which means that water monster must have simmered down, right? I've got to finish preparing my letter so I can go and send it from the Bank of Wishes... - Finley
  9. Whenever I put a letter in a bottle and send it down Zora River, I always get a reply, without fail! I wonder what he's like...the one responding to my letters... I want to meet him so badly! - Finley