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Kodah (Wife)
Finley (Daughter)

Kayden is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Kayden is a Zora who lives in Zora's Domain with his wife Kodah, and their daughter Finley. Their family runs the Seabed Inn.

Kayden works behind the counter, 24-hours a day. When Link first approaches Kayden, Kayden will recognize him, referring to him as Master Link from 100 years ago.[1] Kayden's welcomes Link to the Seabed Inn, asking if he'd like to rest. Kayden is very courteous to Link, even if he chooses not to stay at the inn.[2] After defeating Divine Beast Vah Ruta, Kayden will comment about how there is finally a break in the weather.[3]

Kayden offers Link a normal Bed for 20 rupees or their special Blissful Water Bed for 80 rupees.[4] The blissful water bed is a bed filled with water and conforms to the shape of your body. Sleeping will not only restore Link's health, but also give him three Temporary Hearts. It will also give Link a full temporary Stamina Wheel.[5]

Whichever bed option Link chooses, Kayden will ask what time he'd like to sleep until, with options to sleep until morning, afternoon, or night.[6][7][8]



  1. Hello! Welcome to the Seabed Inn. Wait... It's can't be... Y-you're Master Link! From 100 years ago! *ahem* Sorry. Back to work I go. We're always happy to provide some sound sleep to weary travelers. Welcome to the Seabed Inn! Would you like to rest here? - Kayden
  2. Of course. Come back again anytime. - Kayden
  3. Ah, I can finally see a break in the weather. Now then... - Kayden
  4. Our normal bed will cost you 20 rupees. Our blissful water bed is 80 rupees. - Kayden
  5. You wish to know about our water bed? Well, as the name implies...it is a bed filled with water. It conforms to the shape of your body, so it's like being wrapped up in a cocoon as you sleep. Very calming. Oh, and its incredible cooling effect promises a level of sleeping comfort you simply can't find elsewhere. Perhaps you would like to try it? - Kayden
  6. How long would you like to sleep on the blissful water bed? - Kayden
  7. OK then. Please sleep well until morning... - Kayden
  8. Good morning. I hope you enjoyed the blissful water bed. - Kayden