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The Inogo Bridge is a location in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Inogo Bridge crosses over the Zora River, located just northeast of the Lanayru Tower. The nearby Soh Kofi Shrine can be found just west of the bridge. A wooden treasure chest can be found just west of the bridge, right off the lake, which contains a Bomb Arrow. In the water around the bridge, Link will find some Staminoka Bass swimming around, as well as an enemy green Lizalfos.

Reach Zora's Domain

Main article: Reach Zora's Domain

When Link first travels towards Zora's Domain, he will meet a number of Zora in the waters to the west. They will each guide Link towards the Inogo Bridge, where Prince Sidon is waiting for Link. Once Link makes it to the bridge and meets Prince Sidon, this will begin the Reach Zora's Domain quest. Sidon will then appear at various points along the Zora River, as Link progresses towards Zora's Domain. The quest is eventually completed when Link reaches Zora's Domain and then speaks with King Dorephan in the Throne Room.

Nearby Shrines




Nearby Korok Seeds

Climb to the top of the tree and examine the fairy lights.

Climb to the top of the tree and examine the fairy lights. Freeing the Divine Beast for this area may be required to reach the seed as the rain makes climbing difficult.

Tears of the Kingdom

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