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Prince Sidon's Fan Club


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Prince Sidon's Fan Club is a group in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

As its name suggests, the group is a fan club for Prince Sidon. The groups consists of three female members, including Tula, Tona, and Laruta. Tula is considered to be the president of the fan club.[1]

All three members are infatuated with Sidon, mostly for his handsome looks.[2] Tula specifically comments on his glorious fangs and smooth, shimmering sking.[3] Tona is so obsessed with Sidon that when she thinks about him, she struggles to sleep at nighttime.[4]

The three members all get together around 12pm each day and will stand & talk to each other. Eventually Laruta will leave the group, walking around Zora's Domain, and then late in the evening, Tula and Tona go their separate ways.


  1. Hm? You don't have any fins... Are you a Hylian? I am president of Prince Sidon's fan club. My name is Tula. Do you...know Prince Sidon? - Tula
  2. Prince Sidon is soooo handsome! He's what every girl dreams of! - Laruta
  3. He has shiny, glorious fangs... and smooth, shimmering skin... Just imagining Prince Sidon's fine form... I just... *siiiigh* - Tula
  4. Oh! You're the guy I met at Zora River! I can't believe you really came! The name's Tona! I'm a member of Prince Sidon's fan club. When I think about Prince Sidon, I can't sleep at night... I'm sooo tired... - Tona