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Breath of the Wild
Zora's Domain
Tears of the Kingdom
Zora's Domain

Tula is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Tula is a Zora who lives in Zora's Domain. Alongside Tona and Laruta, she is a member of Prince Sidon's Fan Club, where she serves as the president.[1] Much like the other members of the fan club, Tula is infatuated with Prince Sidon, commenting on his glorious fangs and smooth, shimmering skin.[2]

Tula also seems to think that Prince Sidon has much better ideas when it comes to leading the Zora race. She encourages Link to speak with Sidon and learn from him. On the other hand, Tula seems to have some resentment for the old geezers, the elder Zora of the domain.[3] The Zora elders are hoping to stop the Divine Beast Vah Ruta by themselves without any outside help, despite being unable to touch a Shock Arrow for a short period of time. Sidon on the other hand had the idea to recruit an outsider to help out, as they can shoot the shock arrows for them.[4]

Before meeting Sidon and starting the quest Reach Zora's Domain, she can be found in the patch of deeper water near Daka Tuss Shrine, swimming around and singing to herself. If approached, she will call out to the player [5], stating that she was tasked to search for a Hylian [6] by order of Prince Sidon[7] and will point you in the direction of Inogo Bridge. [8] Tula apologises for the sudden request, explaining that this is highly important to her people at this time. [9] She also requests that you keep the fact she was slacking off to yourself. [10]

Tula will also talk about Ruta, who can be found to the east, at the East Reservoir Lake. After Link defeats Waterblight Ganon and recovers Vah Ruta, Tula comments that it seems that the bad weather has finally calmed down. She thinks that it was Prince Sidon who finally calmed the beast.[11]

Tula will stand and speak with Tona for most of the day. At 8pm she will walk over near the top of the steps, where she will glance over at Prince Sidon.[12]

Tears of the Kingdom

Tula can initially be found in the Throne Room, hiding from the Sludge with Laruta. She talks about her friend Tona, who was buried in. Tona was rescued, but still remains in the infirmary recovering. She is sad that she was not able to actually speak with Sidon herself before the end drew near.



  1. Hm? You don't have any fins... Are you a Hylian? I am president of Prince Sidon's fan club. My name is Tula. Do you...know Prince Sidon? - Tula
  2. He has shiny, glorious fangs... and smooth, shimmering skin... Just imagining Prince Sidon's fine form... I just... *siiiigh* - Tula
  3. That's just what I'd expect from our Prince Sidon! His renown has even reached you, Hylian. Ahhh... Mmm... Prince Sidon... Just thinking of you turns me to mush... On the other hand, if that pack of geezers shows up again, I swear... Oh! I'm sorry... *ahem* Anyway... Prince Sidon is a man with magnificent ideas. Oh, I know! Why don't you go and have a chat with Prince Sidon? Yes, do! - Tula
  4. The Zora elders intend for our people to stop Ruta without any outside help. Even though touching shock arrows for an extended period of time is impossible for us... Prince Sidon, on the other hand, had the idea that we could ask an outsider to shoot the shock arrows for us! That's our Prince Sidon for you... He has such bold ideas! - Tula
  5. Ah! You there! Over here! Over heeere!! - Tula
  6. I knew it! You are a Hylian, aren't you?! Yes, you must be a Hylian! Otherwise you're one unfortunate-looking Zora! - Tula
  7. Well your timing couldn't be more perfect if you tried! I was ordered by Prince Sidon to find a Hylian! I've been searching nonstop! Yes, quite! I certainly wasn't just floating around and splashing in the water for fun! - Tula
  8. Prince Sidon is a member of the distinguished Zora royal family. He's waiting at Inogo Bridge, which is on the other side of that tall tower. I do hope you'll agree to go there and meet with him. - Tula
  9. Ah, yes... You must be quite taken aback by such a sudden request. My apologies. For us zora, this is our top priority right now. So I must beg you to grant my request. - Tula
  10. Oh, and.. if you do meet Prince Sidon... Perhaps don't tell him I was splashing about and playing in the water. Deal? - Tula
  11. By Ruta, I meant Divine Beast Vah Ruta in East Reservoir Lake. Speaking of which... The bad weather seems to have calmed down a bit lately. Is it possible...that Prince Sidon finally appeased Ruta? - Tula
  12. Yes? You're...in my way... Do you need something? - Tula