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"Mipha is one of the Champions in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. She is the beloved princess of the Zora tribe, and the elders of the tribe still remember her incomparable kindness. Aside from her role as a Champion, Mipha was also a valued friend to Link all those years ago."



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Mipha is a character in Breath of the Wild. She was the former Champion of the Zora chosen by Zelda to pilot the Divine Beast Vah Ruta. She was the daughter of King Dorephan and older sister of Prince Sidon. She was also romantically interested in Link and created the Zora Armor for him.[1] Mipha specialized in healing magic but was also skilled with a spear and wielded the Lightscale Trident.[2]


Breath of the Wild

Mipha is shown to have been a model princess for the Zora and their pride and joy, both demure and an excellent warrior. As an individual, Mipha was known to be affectionate, sweet, kind and somewhat shy, while also being noted for her healing powers. When she was born, Dento had forged the Lightscale Trident for her to commemorate the occasion.[3] Sergeant Seggin loved Mipha and he would teach her the art of spearmanship when she was old enough.[4] Muzu also loved Mipha dearly and he would become her mentor.[5] During her lifetime, she kept a diary of her relationship with Link and devotion to saving Hyrule.

Beginning with the first entry of her diary, Mipha and the Zora's met with the visiting outsiders at King Rhoam's request, and among one of them is a four-year-old boy named Link. She saw how curious and energetic he was with a smile, and wondered of all Hylian children are like that. She noticed the one thing that set him apart from the other kids is that he is an exceptional swordsman who even triumphed over the adults. As she judged from the bruises Link received from the duels that Link was a reckless child, and she used her power to heal these bruises. Link's look of surprise when she did that had her assuming that it was his first time seeing magic and thought it was adorable.[6]

In the second entry, Mipha witnessed Divine Beast Vah Ruta being excavated by the Sheikah scientists. She notes that the first time she saw Vah Ruta, she was surprised at how cute it looked with its roundness and trunk. The Sheikah scientists state that the Divine Beasts require someone who is worthy of controlling them. Mipha imagined the previous pilots controlling the Divine Beasts in the past and wondered who will be the next one to have this honor.[7] King Dorephan saw the look on Mipha's face when she first saw Ruta, he described that she was talking to it like a best friend and makes a connection at the fact that Vah Ruta was named after Princess Ruto and Mipha, a princess herself, later being a pilot being a work of fate.[8]

In the third entry, Link came to Zora's Domain for the first time in years and Mipha saw that he was no longer the child she was familiar with. He had grown into an accomplished knight and the owner of the Master Sword. She was proud of him but she saw how much Link has changed drastically. He hardly speaks and rarely cracks a smile anymore, even though he retained his kind nature. When she asked what was wrong, he just shook his head, and she believes it's his newly acquired height and feels like he is looking past her.[9]

When Princess Zelda meets with Mipha at the top of Veiled Falls to ask her to become Divine Beast Vah Ruta's pilot, the Zora princess asks for the names of the other Champions.[10] Zelda goes through the names of Daruk, Revali, and Urbosa, but she doesn't address Link by name, which Mipha already figured out.[11] She sees Sidon at the bottom of the waterfall and calls him up here,[12] which Zelda reminds her that he might be a bit too young to be able to swim up waterfalls. Mipha insists that she must one day leave him to face her fate with Ruta,[13] as she surfs down the falls to reach Sidon's leval and has him join her to get the feel of it.[14] As she climbs up the waterfall and returns to the top, she tells Sidon that if anything happened to her on the battlefield, she will be leaving the responsibility of Zora's Domain's safety in his hands,[15] and tells him that she believes in him before asking if he would like to go again,[16] which Sidon responds with a grin prompting Mipha to giggle as Zelda looks on.

In the fourth entry, Mipha recounts Zelda paying her a visit, asking her if she will become the Zora Champion who pilots Divine Beast Vah Ruta. She states that her help is needed to face against Calamity Ganon and Mipha is sparked with determination and accepted without hesitation. If Ganon returned, she would have no one to protect, either her kin or anyone outside her people. She doesn't know what would happen, but what she does know is that she must protect Hyrule. Zelda tells her that the Divine Beasts are meant to assist the chosen knight who will face Ganon head on. She knew that she also could help Link.[17]

For Mipha to become the Champion, she must undergo the Divine Beast Tamer's Trial to prove herself worthy of being Vah Ruta's pilot. Her Trial consists of her swimming through the Glowing Ring during the sunrise, battling the Guardians at Upland Zorana, and swimming through the Glowing Rings on the waterfalls of Mikau Lake and Lulu Lake.[18] The first trial is where she kept a note which described where the Glowing Ring would appear and often repeated the phrase.[19]

In the fifth entry, Link pays her a visit once again and she tells her of the trouble that the Lynel at Ploymus Rock has been causing to her people recently. Upon hearing this, Link heads out to Ploymus rock to teach it a lesson prompting Mipha to follow him. Link tells her to turn back and tells her that he would be fine on his own, but Mipha stayed with him. During an argument, they were ambushed by the Lynel who snuck up on them. Mipha thought they were done for, but she regrets doubting what happened next. Link used the Master Sword and defeated the Lynel, and it was there where she witnessed the grace of his swordsmanship. She should have been terrified but she felt safe with Link at her side. Link's determination, kindness, strength, and skills have her inevitably falling hopelessly in love with him. The last move he pulled off was the Spin Attack and decides to imitate it with her Lightscale Trident.[20]

In the sixth entry, her father, King Dorephan gave Mipha the blessing of piloting Vah Ruta as the threat of the Calamity could not be ignored anymore. He tells her that the Zora must play their part, and melancholically tells her to return home safely. Mipha could only nod silently as she watches Seggin being unwilling to even glance at her and Muzu leaving partway through this. She feels guilty for having to put them through all this as they now have her in a life and death situation, but she must do anything to help Link and couldn't bear to forgive herself otherwise. Mipha had finished gathering the materials for the Zora Armor and goes through with assembling it.[21]

When all four Champions are assembled, Mipha attends the Champions' inauguration ceremony, and they are each bestowed blue cloths to display their status and Mipha, alongside Daruk, wore theirs like sashes. After the ceremony concludes, the Champions lounge at the gazebo as Revali takes a look at the Sheikah Slate as Zelda explains its uses before he passes it to Mipha. Urbosa brings up the subject about the slate being able to produce still-images which grabs Mipha's attention and asks Zelda for a favor.[22] Mipha and the Champions are grouped in the photo as Purah tells everyone to get into position and even sees how nervous Mipha was and tells her to take deep breaths.[23] when she likes the results, she snaps the photo, but Daruk managed to pull everyone in without warning.

In the seventh entry, Mipha documented the events of the inauguration ceremony which was an honor for her to take part of. She doesn't remember much of it, but she does recall a memorable occasion that she will treasure for all time. She was grateful to Princess Zelda for accepting her request and to Daruk for bringing both her and Link closer together. But she hears the news that shocked her which nearly overshadowed the occasion, and she was a tad upset to hear that since Link is becoming Zelda's appointed knight, they would spend more time together.[24]

Mipha is present with the other Champions when Link's personal ceremony takes place. Mipha isn't too pleased with it as Zelda's speech carried a negative tone through the whole ritual, which also bothers her fellow Champions, Daruk and Revali, and she becomes miffed when Revali argues with Daruk, while Urbosa, who has a close relationship with the princess understood why Zelda is like this. The princess saw how Mipha had the easiest time mastering the ropes of controlling Vah Ruta, while she looked fragile.[25]

Mipha was aware that Muzu never liked the Hylians and avoided telling him about her love for Link as she knew that he would not approve of their union.[26] In the eighth and final entry, Mipha has completed the Zora Armor and is certain that it will fit him perfectly. Link will be arriving at the domain that day and she would consider giving it to him upon arrival, but she was having second thoughts. She recalls an ancient legend of the Zora princess who also fell in love with a Hylian knight, who happened to be the Hero of Time, which gives her some hope. She notes that it will be one of the rare occasions that Princess Zelda would be with him so they will have the time to themselves. Mipha has an idea, that she will ride Vah Ruta with Link at sundown and calls upon Princess Ruto for courage.[27]

Later, at sunset, Mipha and Link are sitting on Vah Ruta's trunk as Mipha is healing a wound that Link received in one of his battles and recalls the day she first met Link when he was only four years old and remembers how reckless he was as he was often injured and recalls that she was there to heal his cuts and bruises and she notes that Link, like every Hylian, age faster than her longer living kin.[28] After patching the wound, Mipha goes on to the topic about their upcoming battle with Calamity Ganon and she tells him that no matter how bad his wounds are,[29] she will always be there to heal them and when they do make it through after the battle, she hopes that they will spend more time with each other like they did years ago.[30]

After several days go by, Mipha and the Champions meet with Link and the princess as they return from Mt. Lanayru where the latter had been training at the Spring of Wisdom, and she unfortunately had nothing to show for it. Urbosa tells her that pitying herself won't help with it and anything could spark her power at this rate. Mipha steps in and attempts to offer the princess advice in how she uses her own power,[31] but she is cut off when the ground suddenly shakes as Revali flies up to see what was going on before he rejoins them. They figure out that Ganon had just rose from beneath Hyrule Castle. Mipha asks Revali if he is sure,[32] which he replies that he is. Daruk motivates the Champions to go to their Divine Beasts so they can launch a counterstrike and tells Link to head to Hyrule Castle. Urbosa implores Zelda to get to safety, but the princess refuses as she insists that she must do something regardless of if she had her power or not.

Mipha's route to Vah Ruta has her swimming through Lanayru Wetlands and up through Zora's River. Upon arrival she saw that Vah Ruta was taken over and she finds Waterblight Ganon was already there. Despite putting up a fight, Mipha was slain. When she didn't return, the Zoras were aggrieved by this, and they opt to send the Lightscale Trident down Zora's River until Mipha's voice chimed from her signature weapon as she tells them that she is one with the trident and they should know happiness once more and they should focus on keeping the memory of her alive.[33] It was then that the Zoras constructed a statue of her and began the Champion's Festival tradition.[34] Despite not knowing what would become of her at the time, King Dorephan grew to regret his decision of putting Mipha in the front lines and prays that her spirit finds peace.[35] The loss of her was a significant blow to the now elderly Zora, who blame Link for her demise due to the fact that they entrusted her to both him and the Royal Family of Hyrule as a Champion. Upon arriving to the Zora Domain, Link will encounter a commemorative statue erected in her memory, front and center in the palace. 100 years later, Link returns to free the Divine Beast. Mipha's spirit greets him, stating that she is happy to see he has finally arrived.[36] She shows him where the map of Ruta can be found, and then explains that he must open all of the terminals within Ruta to free the beast.[37][38] Mipha will often cheer Link on as he activates each terminal.[39][40][41][42] After opening all of the terminals and activating the main control unit,[43] Waterblight Ganon appears. Mipha once again provides Link with advice and encouragement as he battles the monster.[44]

After the battle is over, Mipha appears before Link as a spirit and thanks him for defeating the monster and freeing both her and Ruta.[45] She offers Link Mipha's Grace, an extension of her healing magic that can revive Link from death.[46] Mipha tells him that was in near despair the day before gaining her freedom, but she no long has to worry about it now that he is here and her hope was to see him again and not to hesitate to call on her power as it would allow her to rest easy,[47] before she tells him that she must get Ruta into position and implores him to save Princess Zelda.[48] She then takes Ruta to the top of a nearby mountain and uses its power to weaken Ganon at the castle.[49] Looking to Zora's Domain, she wonders how her father is doing, and wishes she could see him one more time.[50]

When Link takes a fatal blow from an enemy or falls from a great height, Mipha's Grace takes effect as it completely replenishes Link's Life Gauge, along with extra temporary Hearts with Mipha's spirit also appearing.[51] She will let Link know once Mipha's Grace has completed its cooldown.[52]

Once The Champion's Ballad is active, Link can undertake the EX Champion Mipha's Song Quest to undertake the trials that she herself went through. Once it is completed,[53] Kass notes that as kind as Mipha is, she knows when to be strict when the time calls.[54] Mipha will voice how impressed she is at how strong Link has become and she will reduce the recharge time for her power, and she is optimistic that Link can save Hyrule and its princess.[55] Mipha's Grace will be upgraded to Mipha's Grace +.

When Link repeats his battle with Waterblight Ganon in the Illusory Realm, Mipha will give more dialogue. In the first dialogue, Mipha will ask Link if he recalled the day, they fought the Red-Maned Lynel on Ploymus Mountain together.[56] In the second dialogue, Mipha will ask Link how much he remembers before Ganon returned and if he knows why the Zora Armor fit him so perfectly and while she resigns to the possibility that Link might never recall those memories, she nonetheless will never forget them.[57] In the third dialogue, Mipha will strictly warn Link against reading her diary and hopes he respects it.[58] In the fourth dialogue, Mipha will make a request that Link relays her messages to her father, brother, and Princess Zelda but she is hesitant to give her own message to Link himself.[59] In the fifth and final dialogue, Mipha happily calls Link's skills exceptional and believes that he can defeat Calamity Ganon and save Princess Zelda.[60]

When Calamity Ganon breaks out of Zelda's magic that contained him for a century, Mipha wastes no time opening fire as it was their last opportunity and won't fail.[61] Once Ganon is sealed away and Princess Zelda emerges from her own seal, Mipha joins the other Champions and King Rhoam as they float in front of Hyrule Castle watching over Link and Zelda as they disappeared, having fulfilled their destinies.

Age of Calamity

Mipha - HWAoC key art.png

"The princess of the Zora, who possesses an incredible healing power. She was childhood friends with Link. Now, she is entrusted with piloting Divine Beast Vah Ruta."

Mipha first appears in the Mipha, the Zora Princess Scenario, when Princess Zelda attempts to convince King Dorephan to let his daughter become the Zora Champion of Divine Beast Vah Ruta, though he politely turns her down. Meanwhile, Link is speaking with Mipha who is happy to see him again,[62] and she saw Terrako whom she thinks is cute,[63] but their conversation is short-lived when the Zora Captain tells her that a monster army is invading Zora's Domain and she asks of her father,[64] but the captain adds that he was hoping that her brother Sidon is with her, which Mipha realizes that Sidon went missing and tells him to watch over the domain while she looks for Sidon.[65] The crisis is worse when they find that they are dealing with electrical monsters, which electricity is a mortal weakness to her and her people and she is repeatedly warned of this threat, though Mipha insists that she must push forward, and she eventually learns that Sidon is found in one place that is strictly off-limits: Ploymus Mountain; it was home to the Red-Maned Lynel, a powerful beast that is known for wielding Shock Arrows. Mipha and her friends arrive at the area where they find the young Sidon pointing a spear at the Lynel and refuses it let it harm her little brother. After driving it away, Mipha reunites with Sidon and hugs him while scolding him for wandering off and giving her and the Zoras a nasty scare,[66] but she praises him for being brave.[67] It doesn't last long when they find more monster reinforcements heading into the domain.[68] Terrako reveals the image in Princess Zelda's Sheikah Slate with Vah Ruta in it.[69] As King Dorephan fights many monsters, an Electric Moblin attempts to get a jump on him, but is suddenly blasted away by a blue laser, coming from Vah Ruta, controlled by his own daughter. With the Divine Beast, Mipha destroys the monsters attacking the domain and deals with the ones fleeing area. After the battle, King Dorephan realizes that the situation with Calamity Ganon's return is more dire than it looks, and they weren't as prepared as he thought they were. He tells Mipha to attend and she stands before him,[70] as he grants her his permission to become the pilot of Divine Beast Vah Ruta, but he made her promise to come home safely, as Sidon still needs his sister to be there for him.

During The Yiga Clan Attacks! Scenario, Princess Zelda travels with the Champions and several Hylian soldiers across Castle Town to help the recruited warriors with calibrating the Divine Beasts in order to handle them better. Mipha forms a brother-sister bond with Daruk when she asks him help train her so she can be prepared to fight tougher enemies going forward,[71] and Daruk is happy to do so and goes on the subject that a certain knight has yet to be chosen to wield the Master Sword,[72] which Mipha agrees with.[73] Daruk gets a glimpse at Link and saw him as a potential candidate and he chuckles, as it implies that he knows about Mipha's crush on Link, but he keeps it to himself.[74] They are suddenly ambushed by the Yiga Clan lead by Sooga who have come to assassinate Princess Zelda. Link and the princess withdraw as the Champions and the authentic Hylian knights deal with the footsoldiers. Their stronghold had a Hinox which was a decoy to lure them away so Sooga can attack Link and the Princess. His attempt at assassinating the princess was thwarted by Link when he blocked his tosses kunai and Sooga and the Yiga Clan withdraw as Mipha and Daruk laugh at the sight of Terrako getting mad at Link for pushing it away when it tried to take the blow for Zelda.

During the Freeing Korok Forest Scenario, Mipha is with the other Champions at the cliff outside the forest being plagued by monsters and she is seen glaring at Revali when he began sprouting insults at Link, before Urbosa tells him to cease his insolence. Revali then summons Divine Beast Vah Medoh to clear out all the powerful monsters and outposts around it before letting them know they can now proceed and rejoining them. During their exploration, Mipha notes on how foggy it is,[75] before Revali and Daruk get into a very brief quarrel as Urbosa assures them that getting lost isn't the issue but being ambushed is. They encounter Hestu, who is trying to get their attention for a full minute, and he happens to be familiar with the forest. Daruk asks him to lead the way, though Hestu is reluctant to do so because of the monsters, which Revali makes a remark that he can sneak by without carrying his noisy maracas, while Urbosa tells Hestu not to mind him and offers to help deal with the monsters, which Hestu guides them without further question as Mipha and Zelda look at each other in confusion before following them. They encounter odd appearances of Malice blocking the way, which is maintained by four replicas of the Champions called Hollows created by Astor, including one of Mipha,[76] to prevent them from reaching the Master Sword. After Link gains the Master Sword in a desperate act to protect Princess Zelda from Astor and the Hollows, Mipha and the Champions arrive at the clearing where they listen to the Great Deku Tree's words. At this point, the princess of Hyrule grows more concerned after seeing Link having gained the Master Sword while she still has yet to reach her goal on accessing her long dormant power.

Mipha Champion - HWAoC.png

During The Road Home, Besieged, Mipha and the Champions are on their way back to Hyrule Castle when Princess Zelda's worries get the better of her. As Terrako plays her lullaby, they witness several monsters at Crenel Peak where Mipha and the others spring into action as they fight their way through the monsters. After they succeed, Mipha and the others are promoted as official Champions and they now wear blue cloths and Mipha, alongside Daruk, wore theirs like sashes and after the inauguration ceremony comes to an end, they hang out at the gazebo. As Impa and Terrako get into a scuffle, Mipha reminds Daruk about their earlier conversation about training which Daruk agrees to get started.[77][78] Mipha almost reveals her intentions of becoming stronger so she can fight with Link,[79] in front of the Hylian Champion who approaches her as Mipha starts to panic and attempts to defend herself,[80] before it was interrupted by the fight between Impa and Terrako as they start to bug Revali to the point where the Rito flew off in disgust at their childish behavior.

At the start of the Calamity Strikes Scenario, Mipha was on the Lanayru Sheikah Tower where she saw Calamity Ganon coming out of Hyrule Castle,[81] and all the Sheikah Towers are soon shut down which cuts off contact from the other Champions and Mipha is left without any choice but to board Divine Beast Vah Ruta to commence a counterstrike. Link and Zelda had to postpone their trip to Mt. Lanayru to help save the latter's father who was still trapped in Hyrule Castle, but they were told to flee by the king who is apparently killed by the possessed Guardians. As Zelda laments over everything falling apart before her, Terrako plays its lullaby and its summoning of the four Gates of Time which are sent to the Divine Beasts, and Impa believes that there is still some hope left as they head out to help the Champions.

In the Water and Fire Scenario, Mipha is imprisoned inside Vah Ruta and is fighting in a losing battle against Waterblight Ganon, shivering in the cold and becoming tired when it froze the water within the area, and she sees the reality at how a warrior meets their end.[82] As Waterblight Ganon throws its ice flail and several Cryonic formations at her, Mipha prepares herself for her end, but before that could happen, the Gate of Time opens and the older counterpart of Sidon appears and managed to block the ice projectiles before they could hit Mipha, refusing to lose her again,[83] much to Mipha's shock to see Sidon as an adult rather than a child that she is more familiar with.[84] Waterblight Ganon proved to be too powerful for them, though Mipha approaches it with the Lightscale Trident in hand,[85] despite Sidon's objections.[86] Fortunately, Sidon's assistance to Mipha allowed Link and the party to arrive just in time to slay Waterblight Ganon before either Mipha or Sidon could be killed.[87] Because Mipha is too fatigued to join them to help Daruk and there was no further danger inside Vah Ruta to worry about, Sidon leaves her behind to join Link and the others to help destroy the Igneo Talus that was causing lava flows blocking the path to Rudania, allowing Mipha to use Vah Ruta's trunk to spray water on the flows to allow access. After Daruk and Yunobo are saved from Fireblight Ganon, Mipha joins them with Sidon and questions the latter for clarification if he really is her brother.[88] Sidon tells her that he is,[89] and he adds that he came from the future,[90] Daruk laughs it off before he solemnly asks Princess Zelda about the fate of Hyrule Castle.[91]

In the Guardian of Rememberance DLC EX Battle of Goponga Village, Mipha and Sidon head for Goponga Village to help the Zora soldiers protect it from a horde of monsters. When the battle lightens up, Sidon takes command of the healthier Zora soldiers as they head out for the next mission,[92] while Mipha is tending to the wounded ones.[93] Mipha witnesses Sidon fighting more monsters as an Electric Moblin slips by and zeros in on her.[94] The child Sidon appears with a spear in hand and steps between them,[95] as Mipha pleads for him to flee.[96] Fortunately, the adult Sidon appears and kills the Moblin before any of them were hurt, before checking on his younger self.[97] Mipha is relieved to see that both of them are not harmed,[98] and asks the younger one what he was doing.[99] Sidon believes that the younger one wanted to help out,[100] and while he gives him a small lecture for wandering off to a dangerous place, he still praises him, nonetheless.[101] He goes on to tell him that he will still become stronger so he can protect his sister.[102] He trails off a bit, still thinking of the Mipha in his own timeline that he couldn't protect before they both grin, as Mipha giggles in amusement.

Later, after the Champions and the Divine Beasts were saved, Princess Zelda recalled Sidon's tale where he saw her being attacked, he went into action without a second thought.[103] She realized that Terrako was the reason for these events and thanks it as he turns her attention to Akkala Citadel.

In the Relentless as a Waterfall Scenario, Mipha and Sidon join forces on Divine Beast Vah Ruta as they pulled their way through the path to Akkala Citadel.[104] After saving Link from the Guardians, Sidon and Mipha assures them that they are here to help them out.[105][106] Mipha tells Sidon how proud she is to have him fight at her side,[107] and Sidon melancholically tells that they will succeed,[108] before looking away as he thought of his own sister that he couldn't protect despite only being young at the time.[109] Mipha turns her focus on the battle and asks if he is ready as they join tridents.[110][111] Mipha leaves the control of Vah Ruta to Sidon as she heads out to heal the soldiers until Daruk and Yunobo arrived to back them up. Robbie had the soldiers use the cannons to destroy the bridge just as the Malice Guardians cross over and they managed to defeat them, having successfully protected the stronghold.

In the Each Step Like Thunder Scenario, Mipha is aboard Vah Ruta when she saves Urbosa and Riju from the reinforcements of the monsters alongside Daruk with Vah Rudania, and Revali on Vah Medoh as they were overwhelmed while defending Fort Hateno. It was there that Princess Zelda awakened her power to protect Link from Astor and the Blight Ganons each of whom are revived through the sacrifice souls of the Yiga Footsoldiers upon betraying the Yiga Clan. With the protection of her allies, Purah is activate the failsafe that strikes the source of Ganon's corruption, disabling the Guardians and drastically reduced Ganon's main unit, giving Hyrule an advantage. Because of the betrayal and Sooga being missing in action, Master Kohga and the surviving Yiga Clan join forces with the Hyrulean army to get revenge on their former allies. Later on, King Rhoam is found to be alive and well thanks to the device that Zelda gave him, which is revealed to be an Ancient Guardian Shield.

In the All Hyrule, United, Purah amplifies the restored Sheikah Towers to bring the present and future Champions and their Divine Beasts as well as the armies of all races together on Hyrule Field as Mipha is happy to see that everything is going well,[112] and Sidon states that destroying Calamity Ganon is their top priority now.[113] With her father's approval, Princess Zelda takes command of the united army as she gives a speech that Hyrule is their home and now that they are united, they cannot be stopped as they charge through the outposts to take them over and dispose of the monsters holding up Ganon's barrier. With Zelda's power bringing it down further, she orders them to fire,[114] as Mipha and the other three Champions open fire on Ganon to weaken it.[115][116][117][118] Despite the Blood Moon appearing to revive the monsters to hold them back, the Hyrulean army managed to pull through.

In The Future of Hyrule, Princess Zelda leads the ground army as Revali led the air force with Teba. Astor and Harbinger Ganon awaited their arrival as the former is starting to lose his mind as he rants that it is his fate to destroy them. After being defeated and cornered by the Champions, Astor furiously orders Harbinger Ganon to destroy them, but he finds himself consumed alive by Malice to reincarnate into its humanoid form, with some of it infecting Terrako and turning it on Link and the Princess. When Terrako is defeated, Mipha mourns with the princess, who is now angered and determined to defeat Ganon once and for all as they rush upstairs where Calamity Ganon is waiting for them. Because of the transformation, Ganon's defenses are so high that their more powerful attacks don't work on it forcing the princess to use her power to try and defeat it. Her power reactivates Terrako who, despite its damaged state, runs upstairs and throws itself between her and Ganon, destroying itself to shatter Ganon's invincibility which made the Champions more determined than ever as they managed to weaken Ganon further. Link then uses the Master Sword to slice at the abomination and Princess Zelda uses her power to destroy it for good restoring peace to the kingdom of Hyrule. With the kingdom rejoicing, the Champions take a moment to enjoy the peace that they have worked to restore as Terrako's blessed screw glows to send Sidon, Yunobo, Teba, and Riju back to their own time. Mipha expresses optimism that she will meet Sidon again,[119] as the latter tells her that she is his sister, and their hearts won't be apart.[120] Princess Zelda vows to never forget their time together as well as their deeds and as they disappear, she wishes light in their future for all time.

In the Terrako's Return Quest, because of Terrako making a difference that allowed the Champions to survive, the Divine Beasts kept safe, and Hyrule standing strong despite the fact that there is still so much damage that needed to be cleaned up and fixed, the Champions decide to repay their little friend by hunting for its fifty components and bringing them to the Royal Ancient Lab. When Terrako is assembled but not fully operational, and Mipha wonders if there is something that they haven't done,[121]and it wasn't until Princess Zelda steps in front of it, which Terrako began to function again much to their relief as Princess Zelda reunites with it.

In the secret DLC ending, Sidon is bonding with his younger counterpart and Mipha arrives to visit them and pets both of them on their heads which prompts the two to grin once more. Mipha and Sidon are with the other present and future Champions talking amongst themselves as Terrako interacts with them in an amusing way. Later, Mipha and the Champion pilots are on the Sheikah Tower, all having returned to their original attires, as they watch Princess Zelda take off from the platform and float away on a paraglider with Terrako joining her. She enjoys the sights and sees that Hyrule is recovering quite well and adds that their efforts were indeed worth it.




Mipha has been extremely close to Link ever since he was four years old, when the Hylians came to visit them at King Rhoam's request, and she will always heal his bruises that he receives from his various duels with adults. When she meets him again years later when he is a teenager, given that Hylians age quicker than her tribe, she saw how Link rarely smiles or talks in his interactions with others and is left wondering what was wrong. It was during one of their visits that a Lynel was terrorizing her people and they went and fought together against the beast that Mipha realized that she is falling hopelessly in love with him. Her timid nature made it harder for her to confess her feelings to Link and when she tried, she instead often gave hints or went around it entirely. She crafted the Zora Armor for Link and intends on handing it to him, but she never actually got the chance to do so. She often promises Link that she will always heal his wounds no matter how bad they are, and she isn't too fond of him reading her diary. She almost accidentally makes her feelings known to him in Age of Calamity, which she tries to get him to dismiss her musings.

Princess Zelda
Mipha is very courteous with Zelda during their interactions, and the two get along just fine. Mipha is shown to be a bit envious when notices that since Link is becoming Zelda's knight, he will be spending more time with her. Regardless, Mipha holds no ill will towards Princess Zelda for it and she does try to give her advice regarding her power, but she never got the chance to finish when Calamity Ganon returned.

Mipha has a brother-sister friendship with Daruk, most prominent in Age of Calamity, when she asks Daruk for help in training so she can be ready to handle tougher enemies and Daruk is more than happy to assist her in any way he can, and he is implied to be aware of Mipha's feelings for Link, but he keeps it to himself as to not cause her too much unnecessary discomfort.

Mipha rarely interacts with Revali, even when they are in the same scenes together. She doesn't openly admonish him whenever he acts out, but she often will silently glare at him when he is being rude, and he never sees her doing this. When the two do interact, they get along surprisingly well and Revali can be seen looking over at Mipha when she was nervous during a photo shoot as if worried and he smiles when she calms down. When they are together in Age of Calamity, Mipha holds Revali in high regard for his prowess and devotion to his friends while Revali is very gentle and warm when he acknowledges her, and he will remind her to look out for herself as he was aware that she is very important member as she is capable of healing injuries and weariness.

Mipha's interactions with Urbosa is very minimal, despite the fact that they are sometimes together in various scenes. Mipha seems to get along fairly well with her while Urbosa sees how young she, Link, Zelda, and Revali are and wanted to help them that they are the future of Hyrule.

Mipha is very close to Sidon during his early years, and she was willing to help him get the feel of the thrill of waterfall swimming, and she will leave Sidon in charge of protecting Zora's Domain in the event that fate separates them and instills the "I believe in you" mentality in his mind, which would carry over later in his life. Sidon's tendency to leave the domain unattended usually causes her much worry, especially when he goes to Ploymus Mountain which is extremely prohibited because of the presence of the Lynel and proves to be very protective of him and she tries to be strict with him while still encouraging his bravery. She is also sisterly to the adult counterpart of Sidon, who came from the timeline where he was forced to grow up without a sister, and she continues to express pride in the Zora that he became.


Non-Canon Appearances

This section describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Mipha appears as an Advanced Support Spirit who can increase the user's critical-health stats. The player is pitched in a stamina battle with Inkling, who heals over the course of the battle on the battlefield stage of Great Bay.


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Voice Actors

Language Name Meaning Voice Actor
English Mipha Mipha Amelia Gotham
Japanese (日本語) ミファー (Mifā) Mayu Isshiki (一色 まゆ)
French Mipha Mipha Caroline Mozzone
Italian Mipha Mipha Sabrina Bonfitto
German Mipha Mipha Nora Jokhosha
Russian Мифа (Mifa) Mipha Polina Tarasova
LA Spanish Mipha Mipha Alondra Hidalgo
EU Spanish Mipha Mipha Laura Monedero


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  18. "♪Reaching skyward from waters blue. Ruta's Champion a heart true.♪ ♪The hero's power shall grow. Seek trials monuments show.♪ ♪One, find what the light's path shows. Two, conquer ancient foes.♪ ♪Three, chase rings of the waterfall. Champion, the trials call!♪ - Kass", Breath of the Wild
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  28. "I was thinking... this reminds me of the time we first met. You were just a reckless child... always getting yourself hurt at every turn. Every time, I would heal you. Just as I'm doing right now. I thought it was funny how, being a Hylian, you looked grown-up so much faster than I did. I was... I was always willing to heal your wounds. Even back then. - Mipha", Breath of the Wild
  29. "So, if this Calamity Ganon does, in fact, return, what can we really do? We just don't seem to know much about what we'll be up against. But know this: that no matter how difficult this battle might get... if you—if anyone ever tries to do you harm... Then I will heal you. No matter when, or how bad the wound... I hope you know... that I will always protect you. - Mipha", Breath of the Wild
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  54. "Hmm... Though she was known for her kindness, it seems the Zora princess could be quite strict when necessary. So? What did you think of Champion Mipha's Song? By writing a song that captures the determination of Champion Mipha, I feel closer than ever to my dear teacher." — Kass, Breath of the Wild
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  58. "Link. If you happen to, uh... That is to say, if you should find my diary somewhere... DON'T YOU DARE READ IT! Oh! I did not mean to raise my voice. But I do hope you will respect my wish... - Mipha", Breath of the Wild
  59. "If you ever return to Zora's Domain... Please tell Father that I am sorry. Tell Sidon to believe in himself. And someday, please tell the princess that I wish I could have told her... all of the things I never said. As for you, Link... Well, never mind. - Mipha", Breath of the Wild
  60. "You are truly exceptional. That thing too my life before I could even fight back. I believe that with the power you've attained you can defeat Ganon. My prayers are with you as well. Please, dear friend...save the princess. - Mipha", Breath of the Wild
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  63. "This creature is a... Guardian? How cute! - Mipha", Age of Calamity
  64. "What of my father? - Mipha", Age of Calamity
  65. "Sidon is missing?! ... We will find Sidon. You must watch over the domain. - Mipha", Age of Calamity
  66. "Sidon! Why would you try to fight that beast alone? I was so worried about you! - Mipha", Age of Calamity
  67. "But still, I am proud. What a brave little brother I have. - Mipha", Age of Calamity
  68. "Oh no... - Mipha", Age of Calamity
  69. "What is that? - Mipha", Age of Calamity
  70. "Yes, Father. - Mipha", Age of Calamity
  71. "Daruk, I have a request. Might I... join you for training next time? I would like to be fully prepared. Learning new ways to fight foes might do me some good. - Mipha", Age of Calamity
  72. "Of course! The more, the merrier! The thing is, we still need a knight gritty enough to seal the darkness, and they're nowhere to be found. - Daruk", Age of Calamity
  73. "Y-yes. - Mipha", Age of Calamity
  74. "Although hey! If you see anybody that- *chuckles* - Daruk", Age of Calamity
  75. "This is quite the fog... - Mipha", Age of Calamity
  76. "How can I beat back my own shadow? - Mipha", Age of Calamity
  77. "So, Daruk... About what we discussed... - Mipha", Age of Calamity
  78. "Ah, so you're ready to begin your training. Let's get to it! - Daruk", Age of Calamity
  79. "Thank you. I hope to become stronger so I can fight... alongside... - Mipha", Age of Calamity
  80. "Oh! No, I-I was just um... Ah... - Mipha", Age of Calamity
  81. "The Calamity is here? - Mipha", Age of Calamity
  82. "So, this is how it ends? - Mipha", Age of Calamity
  83. "NO! I will not allow you to take her again! - Sidon", Age of Calamity
  84. "Sidon? - Mipha", Age of Calamity
  85. "Such strength... - Mipha", Age of Calamity
  86. "Sister! Please, don't! - Sidon", Age of Calamity
  87. "Oh! You've come at last! - Sidon", Age of Calamity
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  89. "Yes, it is yours truly! - Sidon", Age of Calamity
  90. "I... know this is hard to swallow, but I journeyed here from the future. - Sidon", Age of Calamity
  91. "None of this makes sense, but oh well. We have bigger rocks to roast. Princess, please tell us. What happened at the castle? - Daruk", Age of Calamity
  92. "Our injuries are being tended to. Onto the next task. - Sidon", Age of Calamity
  93. "Thank you for your efforts. I'm going to heal you now... - Mipha", Age of Calamity
  94. "Still more monsters! - Mipha", Age of Calamity
  95. "Sidon! - Mipha", Age of Calamity
  96. "Sidon! Please no! You must run! - Mipha", Age of Calamity
  97. "Are you unharmed? - Sidon", Age of Calamity
  98. "I'm so glad you're OK! Thank you so much. Both of you. - Mipha", Age of Calamity
  99. "But what... what are you doing here? - Mipha", Age of Calamity
  100. "You wanted to help us. Isn't that so? - Sidon", Age of Calamity
  101. "You can't just sneak off like that. However... I was able to save your sister because you were so brave. Great job! - Sidon", Age of Calamity
  102. "And you'll only get stronger! Strong enough to... To protect your dear sister! - Sidon", Age of Calamity
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  108. "Sister. We can do this. - Sidon", Age of Calamity
  109. "I will... - Sidon", Age of Calamity
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  111. "Of course, Sister! - Sidon", Age of Calamity
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  113. "All that is left to do is to join up and destroy Ganon! - Sidon", Age of Calamity
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  115. "C'mon! - Daruk", Age of Calamity
  116. "Take this! - Revali", Age of Calamity
  117. "Here it comes! - Urbosa", Age of Calamity
  118. "We must! - Mipha", Age of Calamity
  119. "I know... that we'll meet again, dear brother. - Mipha", Age of Calamity
  120. "Yes. You're my beloved sister... and our hearts will never be apart. - Sidon", Age of Calamity
  121. "Was there something we didn't do? - Mipha", Age of Calamity