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Robbie - TotK Character Profile art.png
Robbie art from Tears of the Kingdom


Age of Calamity
Genius Eccentric
Tears of the Kingdom
Head of Purah Pad Development






Breath of the Wild
Akkala Ancient Tech Lab
Tears of the Kingdom
Lookout Landing


Jerrin (Wife)
Granté (Son)


Voice Actor

Jacob Craner (English, Age of Calamity)

Robbie is a Sheikah man from Breath of the Wild, Age of Calamity, and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild


Dr. Robbie is the lead Guardian researcher, director of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab and a Sheikah, one of only three that remain who were present during the Great Calamity. [1] He is found at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab in northeastern province of Akkala.[2]

Robbie spent much of the 100 years after the Great Calamity researching ancient armor and weapons. The goal of the research lab is "to destroy the Calamity that has endured across time".[3] He converted the Guidance Stone at the lab into a robot he named Cherry, which is capable of reproducing a variety of ancient armor and weaponry when provided with the necessary ancient parts[4] and rupees to help fund his research[5]

Robbie is good friends with Purah and is initially surprised to hear that she has taken the form of a child.[6][7] Although since Robbie knows her well, he assumes she probably screwed up some experiment, as that was typical of Purah.[8]

Robbie's Research

Main article: Robbie's Research

It's necessary for Link to have talked to both Impa and Purah afterwards in order to contact Robbie at the Akkala Lab. Otherwise, he won't be present at the lab, and the lab's furnace cannot be lit.

After taking a picture of Purah and showing it to her as part of the Locked Mementos quest, Link can then speak with Purah again to unlock the Robbie's Research quest. When Link first arrives that Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, he talks to Robbie, but Robbie doesn't believe that he's actually Link.[9][10] In order to prove it, Robbie asks Link to see his wounds that he suffered 100 years ago.[11]

Link can remove all of his armor, of which Robbie can then examine the scars on his body, which is proof enough for Robbie.[12]

Robbie is trying to restore power to Cherry, but he needs a Blue Flame from the Ancient Furnace.[13] Since he's an old man, he's unable to climb mounts and cross rivers by himself.[14] The ancient furnace is located to the weest, within the Tumlea Heights and can be seen from just outside the tech lab. The area is surrounded by Blue Moblins and some Black Moblins, make it a bit dangerous.

Link can grab the Torch that is in the tech lab and make his way over to the ancient furnace. After carrying the Blue Flame from torch to torch, he can light the Furnace just outside of the tech lab. Link can then head back in to talk to Robbie, who thinks that his love is what caused Cherry to start working again.[15] After learning that it was Link who lit the flame, Robbie will thank him, reward him with three Ancient Arrows.[16]

Age of Calamity

Age of Calamity Robbie
See also: Purah and Robbie
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"A Sheikah researcher and colleague to Purah who also investigates ancient relics. He is Hyrule's foremost authority on Guardians. While rebellious, he is largely unwilling to stand up to Purah."

— In-game description

Tears of the Kingdom

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Tears of the Kingdom Robbie

"An engineer whose eccentric style adds a lot to his reputation as a wild genius. He once helped Link from his research facility at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. Since then, he's moved to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab to help Purah develop the Purah Pad. Robbie thinks he did much of the work on the device, so he's a bit grumbly that it's not named after him."

— In-Game Description"

Robbie is the head of Purah Pad development, and can be found at the Lookout Landing at the start of the quest. Robbie intends to head back to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab and continue his research.

After activating the Skyview Towers, he will add a Camera to Link's Purah Pad, but only with the completion of the Camera Work in the Depths Quest.

If Link tries to touch any of the Zonaite or the bundle of Arrows in Lookout Landing he will protest, saying that Josha needs them for her research.



  1. I am the lead Guardian researcher and director of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. Doctooooor... Robbie! - Robbie
  2. "There are only three Sheikah remaining who experienced the Great Calamity of 100 years ago… Robbie of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, Impa of Kakariko Village, and me. " — Purah, Breath of the Wild
  3. The goal of our Sheikah research lab is simple, really. We aim to destroy the Calamity that has endured across time... to rid Hyrule of its dark influence... and above rescue Princess Zelda, who is now a prisoner of the Calamity. We have worked oureselves to the bone conducting our research. For a time, I feared I'd pass before we could prevail. HOWEVER! You, Link, managed to awaken before this old sack of flesh gave out. That means... THE TIME IS NOW! Hm, yes, yes! You! Now is the time to join forces with us Sheikah, yes? We must destroy the Calamity! - Robbie
  4. ". As for Robbie, he went on to adapt his Guidance Stone into a statue that creates ancient soldier gear. He even gave the statue a name... What was it again? Chu? Cha? Che?" — Purah, Breath of the Wild
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  6. In any case... I really am impressed that you made it all the way out to this rather remote location. Did you, perchance, meet Purah and borrow her power? - Robbie
  7. Hm? Purah? A child? What?! She really has a kid? Hmm. Or do you mean that Purah aged backward... and SHE is now a child? - Robbie
  8. Hm? Are you certain? Hm! So she's as crazy as ever. Okeydoke. Knowing her, I'm guessing she screwed up some experiment. Hm, hm, yes. Typical. - Robbie
  9. Hey, you! What are you doing here? Hmmm... Hm? Hmmm? - Robbie
  10. Are you...the one called...Link? - Robbie
  11. Hm? Hm. That's too bad. If you WERE the legendary Link, there would be something important I'd need to tell you. But how can I determine with full certainty whether or not you are the true hero? Yes, how indeed? Hm? Hm, hm, yes. If you can show me the wounds your body suffered 100 years ago, that should prove you are truly Link. - Robbie
  12. Hm? Hm! Hmmm... Yes, the number of scars on your body...just as I remember. Most seem to have healed, but they do line up with the scars I know you got during the Great Calamity 100 years ago. Hm. Yes, I acknowledge you as the real Link. So let us begin again... - Robbie
  13. Cherry...erm, the ancient over... creates ancient soldier gear. But I fear she's out of sorts at the moment. Hm. I'm afraid someone will have to bring the blue flame from the ancient furnace again... - Robbie
  14. An ancient furnace can be simply described as a singler place that gathers massive amounts of energy. Get the blue flame from Tumlea Heights, put it in the furnace, and then Cherry... I mean...the ancient oven will be fixed. However! At my age, it's not so easy to climb mountains and cross rivers. Hm. And my wife is jealous of Cherry, so she refuses to get the blue flame for me... *sigh* - Robbie
  15. You! Link! Listen up, hm! My darling Cherry is back to normal! Such is the power of love... My love made Cherry well again! - Robbie
  16. ... Oh... Well, thank you. Yes, quite. Now then, please take this as a gift of my gratitude now that Cherry is fixed! - Robbie