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Breath of the Wild
Akkala Ancient Tech Lab
Tears of the Kingdom
Emergency Shelter


Robbie (husband)
Granté (son)
Purah (mentor)

Jerrin is a character from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Jerrin can be found alongside her husband Robbie at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. Despite there being a 50-year age difference between the two, they are in fact married.[1] The two of them run the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab together, where Jerrin focuses her research on Shrines.[2] They also have a son together, Granté, a traveler who is out and about.[3][4] She asks Link that if he does run into his son, to be nice to him.[5] Jerrin is 70 years old, but hides that fact with makeup.

After first reaching the tech lab and continuing the Robbie's Research side quest, Jerrin will be on the first floor of the tech lab, examining some of the books that are on the shelf. When Link first meets Jerrin, she strike a pose that is an impression of Purah, the director at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.[6]

Jerrin will wake up each morning at 5am and spend the entire day inside, reading books at the library. At 9pm each evening she will head off to bed.[7] Link can wake her up while she is sleeping, but she will find this to be quite annoying.[8]

The Skull's Eye

Main article: The Skull's Eye

After completing the Robbie's Research side quest, Link can speak with Jerrin inside the tech lab. When asking who she is, she will tell Link that she's researching shrines and knows of a shrine to the west at Skull Lake. She mentions that there is a shrine at the top of the left eye, but it is very high up and a challenge to get to. She also mentions the eye on the right side is where Kilton can be found at nighttime.[9] This will begin the shrine quest.

Tears of the Kingdom

Jerrin can be found in the Emergency Shelter, beneath Lookout Landing. She can be see holding a broom and sweeping up the place. She encourages Link to look around and make himself at home, as long as he doesn't go kicking up dust.

Who Goes There?

Main article: Who Goes There?

After completing one of the major dungeons, Link can return to the Emergency Shelter. There is now a hole in the wall where Jerrin is sweeping and she can hear a creepy voice coming from it that sounds like a demon growling. She is worried for her life and this begins the Who Goes There? quest. Once Link travels into the Royal Hidden Passage and discovers the Horned Statue, he can return to Jerrin to let her know the news. This alleviates her concerns and she thanks Link, rewarding him with a Red Rupee.



  1. Robbie is one of the researchers of ancient civilizations. He was studying Guardians at Hyrule Castle 100 years ago. Oh, Robbie... We're a half-century apart, agewise, but we never let that get in the way. He and I are married! - Jerrin
  2. Heya! I'm Jerrin! Check it out! I'm an amateur scholar of ancient history. To be honest...I've been focusing a lot of my research on shrines. - Jerrin
  3. Yes, indeed! Together, we run the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. I've got a son, as well! - Jerrin
  4. That's right, I've got one son. His name is Granté. Have you seen him in your travels? - Jerrin
  5. Really... Well, if you see him, be nice to him, OK? - Jerrin
  6. G'day! Aaaaand... Check it out! ...How was that? I figured I'd give an impression of Hateno Ancient Tech Lab's director, Purah, a shot. Maybe it was a bit much for the first time meeting you, though? - Jerrin
  7. I'm not going to sleep yet. I'm powering through. - Jerrin
  8. Do not disturb... Ugh, what a drag... - Jerrin
  9. ...Oh, that reminds me! Link, there's somewhere you need to go. Umm... The left eye of Skull Lake! I know there's a shrine there, but it's a challenge to get to it... The left eye of Skull Lake is higher up. The right one is lower down. If you run into Kilton, you're on the wrong eye! - Jerrin