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Breath of the Wild
Rito Village
Tears of the Kingdom
Flight Range

Kaneli is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Kaneli is the village elder at Rito Village, living in the hut at the very top of the village. He can be found sitting in his rocking chair where he often will fall asleep. Kaneli has a distinctive appearance from other Rito as he has more of an owl-like feature, both in terms of his shape and color.

When Link first approaches Kenali to speak with him, Kenali immediately recognizes the Sheikah Slate on his hip.[1] At first Kaneli thinks that Link is a Champion, but realizes he likely is just a descendant, somebody who inherited the Sheikah Slate.[2]

After he finds out that Link has the blood of a champion, he asks him to help deal with Divine Beast Vah Medoh. He mentions that Teba and Harth tried to confront Medoh, but it led to Harth getting injured. Kenali fears that Teba is now going to try to challenge the Divine Beast all by himself.[3] This will begin the Main Quest, Divine Beast Vah Medoh.

Kaneli mentions that Teba is a warrior of Rito Village, residing right next door. He thinks that maybe Teba's wife Saki might know about Teba's whereabouts.[4][5]

Kaneli will also give something background on Master Revali, who was a fierce warrior who's skill was recognized by King Rhoam, where he was entrusted with controlling Divine Beast Vah Medoh. Master Revali was a celebrated warrior, but he fell in battle 100 years ago to Calamity Ganon.[6] Medoh was a misbegotten inheritance from the ancient Sheikah that was created eons ago to defeat Ganon. However, 100 years ago the beast was since taken over by the same evil force that it was meant to defeat. The beast would then start to attack innocent people, possibly foretelling the return of Ganon.[7]

Once learning that Link is there to help neutralize the Divine Beast Vah Medoh, he directs him to the Flight Range, in order to meet Teba.

If Link returns to Kaneli once Windblight Ganon has been defeated inside of Vah Medoh, he will gift the Great Eagle Bow, the same wielded by Revali 100 years ago, upon Link.

Tears of the Kingdom

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Kaneli has retired from the position of Rito Elder and given the title to Teba. Kaneli now resides at the Flight Range, where he would normally help teach the young Rito how to become warriors. When the blizzard appeared and the Flight Range became damaged, he started doing only what he was able to do - prevented the area from being snowed in.



  1. Ah, a visitor. Welcome to... ... Oh. OH! That object on your hip... Could it be... Forgive me. Where are my manners? I am Kaneli, elder of Rito Village. Now then...is that not a Sheikah Slate dangling from your hip? - Kaneli
  2. Oh, my! So it is true! That means you must be a Champion like Master Revali-one of the few able to board Divine Beast Vah Medoh! No... What am I thinking? The Champions have all been dead for 100 years. This boy must be a mere descendant...an inheritor of the Sheikah Slate. As, forgive me... Champion descendant... If you would listen to this old man's request, you would have my eternal gratitude. - Kaneli
  3. Thank you, truly. Now that I know you have the blood of a Champion, there is something I must ask of you. How shall I put this... I would like you to deal with Divine Beast Vah Medoh. The giant beast circling above us. Only a chosen one, a Champion, can stop a Divine Beast. You must enter the beast and bend it to your will. I tried explaining this to the more headstrong Rito warriors, but they wouldn't listen to reason. Teba and Harth tried to confront Medoh, but it did not go well, and Harth was injured. Teba escaped unscathed, but I hear he now plans to face Medoh alone. As a descendant of the Champions, perhaps you can help us. Please. Find Teba. If you work together, you may be able to stop Divine Beast Vah Medoh. - Kaneli
  4. Hoo hoo hoo... If you mean to help us, then allow me to fill you in on the particulars. - Kaneli
  5. Teba is a warrior of Rito Village. He lives right next door to my humble abode. He's the one who decided to confront Divine Bead Vah Medoh. He set off alongside another village named Harth. Unfortunately, Harth was shot down by Medoh and had to retreat. This defeat only made Teba more determined. I fear he has set out to face Medoh by himself. As you can see, Medoh is still flying about up there. I hope Teba is OK. Teba's wife Saki may be able to tell you more about his whereabouts. - Kaneli
  6. Master Revali was a fierce warrior from Rito Village who died 100 years ago. According to the stories, he flew like the wind itself and wielded a bow twice his own size with eash. His skill was recognized by King Rhoam, and he was entrusted to control Divine Beast Vah Medoh. Master Revali lost his life while piloting the Divine Beast during the great battle with Calamity Ganon. What could have happened inside Divine Beast Vah Medoh 100 years ago to kill such a celebrated warrior? - Kaneli
  7. Did you perchance see that giant bird up there? Soaring high above our village? That...is Divine Beast Vah Medoh. The Divine Beasts. Our misbegotten inheritance from the ancient Sheikah. Created eons ago to defeat Ganon. In an ironic turn of events, the Divine Beasts were taken over by the same evil force they were created to defeat. But that was 100 years ago. To think the Divine Beasts would suddenly reappear and begin attacking innocent people... Could this foretell the return of Ganon? - Kaneli