Great Eagle Bow

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Great Eagle Bow

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"A bow without equal wielded by the Rito Champion, Revali. It's said that Revali could loose arrows with the speed of a gale, making him supreme in aerial combat."

— In-Game Description

The Great Eagle Bow is a bow found in Breath of the Wild. It was used by Revali until his death, and is later inherited by Link.


Breath of the Wild

The Great Eagle Bow has a base power of 28, and can be obtained after completing the Divine Beast Vah Medoh, as a gift from Kaneli for saving the troubled Rito Village. It once belonged to the Rito Champion Revali.

If the bow breaks, it can be repaired by speaking with Harth who will craft a new one for 5 bundles of Wood, a Diamond, and a Swallow Bow.