White Sword of the Sky

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"A sword said to have once belonged to a hero from the sky. Its beautiful white blade stands out. When it's wielded, a strange yet heavenly breeze kicks up around you."

— In-Game Description

The White Sword of the Sky is a melee weapon found in Tears of the Kingdom. One of the handful of special of legacy Zelda weapons that can be both found in-game and through scanning amiibo, its design is modelled after the Goddess White Sword from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Tears of the Kingdom

The White Sword of the Sky is the reward Link can obtain after completing the intertwining side quests Goddess Statue of Wisdom, Goddess Statue of Courage, Goddess Statue of Power and The Mother Goddess Statue, at which point Link will receive the sword from the restored Mother Goddess Statue in the Forgotten Temple. Link can obtain the White Sword of the Sky again by either offering Dinraal's Claw, Naydra's Claw and Farosh's Claw to the Spring of Power, Spring of Wisdom and Spring of Courage respectively and returning once again to the Mother Goddess Statue, or by scanning the Link (Skyward Sword) amiibo. It is the only legacy weapon that cannot be bought from a Bargainer Statue. The Mother Goddess Statue can only give Link another White Sword of the Sky if the previous one was broken or otherwise lost.