Lightscale Trident

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Lightscale Trident
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"A spear of peerless grace cherished by the Zora Champion Mipha. Although Mipha specialized in healing abilities, her spearmanship was in a class all its own."

— In-Game Description

The Lightscale Trident is a two-handed spear found in Breath of the Wild resembling the finest Zora architecture. It has a very fast use time, and has a power of 22. Link obtains this weapon after saving Zora's Domain from the trouble caused by the Divine Beast Vah Ruta. It once belonged to the Zora Champion Mipha, but is gifted to Link by King Dorephan for his efforts.

If the Lightscale Trident breaks, it can be taken to Dento in Zora's Domain to have a replacement made in exchange for a Zora Spear, a Diamond, and five pieces of Flint[1].


  1. "Simply bring me a Zora Spear, one Diamond, and five pieces of Flint. Do that and I will make you a new Lightscale Trident whenever you have need." — Dento, Breath of the Wild