Moblin Spear

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This article is about the item from Hyrule Warriors and Breath of the Wild. For the weapon from The Wind Waker, see Long Spear.
Moblin Spear
A Moblin Spear from Breath of the Wild



Hyrule Warriors
Dropped by Moblins
Breath of the Wild
Faron Grasslands
Gerudo Highlands


Making mixtures and certain badges


The Moblin Spear is a recurring item found in Zelda Games.


Hyrule Warriors

The Moblin Spear in Hyrule Warriors is a rare (silver) material found in Hyrule Warriors. It is dropped at a medium rate upon defeating a Moblin.

Breath of the Wild

"This wooden spear is most often used by Moblins. It's made from a hastily whittled tree, so its stabbing power and durability are both pretty low."

— In-Game Description

This weapon is commonly found being wielded by Red Moblins all across Hyrule. Its construction is entirely wooden, with additional spiked twigs attached to the top as its main form of offense.

The Moblin Spear has a base attack of 4 and a base durability of 15

Age of Calamity

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Moblin Spears can be obtained for Link's use with his spear moveset.