Glory of the Zora

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Glory of the Zora is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


With Mucktorok defeated, King Sidon crowned and the sludge gone, life in Zora's Domain returns to normal. If Link speaks to Dento in the Hammerhead workshop after this, he will offer to forge him a Lightscale Trident with "a Zora spear, three diamonds, and five pieces of flint".


The Main Quest Sidon of the Zora must be completed, including the Water Temple.


  • With the Sidon of the Zora Main Quest completed, go into Marot Mart and continue through to the workshop in the back. Dento will be there with a white ! in a red circle in his speech balloon.
  • Noting that Link has "once again...done Zora's Domain a great service", he offers to forge a Lightscale Trident for him "with all due haste" if he brings the necessary materials - "a Zora spear, three diamonds, and five pieces of flint".
  • If Link does not already have these, he must gather them:
  • Once Link gives him the materials, Dento will craft the trident and hand it to him, explaining that if he breaks or loses it, he will be able to forge a new one, so long as he brings the materials required.

Adventure Log

Step Description
The blacksmith Dento has pledged to make the Lightscale Trident for you. To forge this powerful weapon, used by the Zora for generations, he requires three diamonds, five pieces of flint, and a Zora spear. He assured you that a decayed spear will work.
You managed to bring Dento a Zora spear, three diamonds, and five pieces of flint so he could craft the Lightscale Trident. He informed you that he can forge the Lightscale Trident again if it is lost or broken, so long as you have the necessary materials.