Simmerstone Springs

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Simmerstone Springs
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Speak with Kima in Goron City


Enter the Simmerstone Springs in Gorko Tunnel




Simmerstone Springs is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


When Link speaks with Kima in Goron City, the latter will talk about how he came to look for the hidden Simmerstone Springs. When Link enters Gorko Tunnel and breaks through the sediment walls, exposing a Hot Spring, Kima will suddenly show up as Link enters the water and exclaim that it is Simmerstone Springs. He gives Link a Silver Rupee, and then proceeds to start dropping Bird Eggs in the spring to make "the perfect spring-boiled egg". He also lets Link take as many of the eggs he has cooking in the water as he wants.


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Adventure Log

Step Description
Kima has come to Goron City to search for a secret hot spring called Simmerstone Springs. He plans to start by seeking out hot-water connoisseurs at various hot-spring locations in the hopes they'll have information for him. He's set his sights on Goron Hot Springs in particular.
You dug through the blocked cave entrance to discover Simmerstone Springs! Kima met you inside and was thrilled. At last he'd be able to make the perfect spring-boiled eggs! As a reward, he offered to share his eggs with you anytime.