Follow the Cuccos

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Follow the Cuccos
Follow the Cuccos - TotK.jpg




Complete Codgers' Quarrel


Speak to Trissa


Bring Trissa 10 Bird Eggs


Green-rupee.png 50



Follow the Cuccos is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


Speaking to Trissa in High Spirits Produce after completing Codgers' Quarrel, she will tell Link that her supply of Bird Eggs has run out, and that she needs new ones. However, the local cuccos have moved their nest to a new location and she doesn't know where that is. Because the demand for eggs is so high, she'd like 10 of them. For the 10 eggs, she will pay 50 rupees, rather than the standard price of 3 rupees per egg.


Complete Codgers' Quarrel.

Note that to complete the quest, Link needs 10 bird eggs, but it doesn't matter where they come from. If Link already has 10 eggs in his inventory, he can complete it immediately without following the cuccos.


  • The cuccos leave the village at around 5 am, and you can follow them. Alternatively, head to the cucco hideaway, which is located at 1877, -1156, 0200. Seen from the shop, it is directly behind the Device Dispenser, but on the other side of the mountain.
  • The entrance is a little hole in the wall which you have to crouch through. Inside, there are 6 nests with 2 eggs each, totalling 12 eggs.
  • After you've grabbed the eggs, you can return to the general store and give 10 of them to Trissa. She will pay you 50 Rupees in return, as discussed.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Trissa is at a loss. The local Cuccos are nesting somewhere new, and she cannot gather any bird eggs for her shop. She says she'd like to have 10, since they're such a popular item. It seems the Cuccos all go off somewhere when morning comes.
You gave 10 bird eggs to Trissa for her shop, and she paid you back at above-normal prices! Those eggs should allow her to stay stocked for a while.