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Steen (husband)

Trissa is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Trissa operate the High Spirits Produce general store, located at the southwest portion of Kakariko Village. She welcomes Link to the village and mentions that all of the items available at the shop are locally grown, fresh, and seasonal.[1]

Trissa recommends Link purchase the Swift Carrots, as they are grown by her husband, Steen.[2] Additionally, while Trissa doesn't actually sell the Fortified Pumpkins at the shop, due to the rivalry between her husband and Olkin, she does encourage Link to visit Olkin's Patch, where they are available for sale. The Swift Carrot and Fortified Pumpkin are two of the crops that Kakariko Village is known for.

Link can ask Trissa about some cooking advice, at which point Trissa tells Link to just put some ingredients in a Cooking Pot to cook them. She tells Link that it is okay to use the pot that is just outside.[3] Additionally, Link can sell items to Trissa, as she'll purchase any Materials or Food.[4][5]

Trissa is very polite, regularly telling Link to take his time, as there is no rush.[6][7][8] Trissa never leaves the shop and it is open 24-hours a day, so she does enjoy the company. She encourages Link to stop by anytime and appreciates it if Link sells any products to her.[9][10]

Trissa is all alone for the majority of the day, although her husband Steen does stop by the shop just before 4pm, and will stay until 8pm. Steen is overly concerned about Trissa, worried if she is tired, hungry, cold, or if she's had enough talking to customers.[11] Trissa is fine and lets her husband know that he is overly focusing on her and is being overly worrisome.[12][13]


  1. Hello, weary traveler... Welcome to Kakariko Village! Here we are blessed with protection of the Goddess. That's why we have so many healthy, happy animals and an abundance of fine crops. My products are all locally grown, fresh, and seasonal. Truly choice goods that bring something special to any recipe. Go on, grab one! Oh, or are you here for something else? - Trissa
  2. Recommendations... Let me think... Well, everything I sell, really. But if you want specifics, there's always swift carrots. My mister grows 'em. They put Kakariko Village on the map. be honest, there's one other crop Kakariko is known for, fortified pumpkins. I'd sell them here, but you see... my mister and the pumpkin farmer - they don't exactly get along. So if you want fortified pumpkins, you'll have to get some straight form Olkin's patch. - Trissa
  3. Just put some ingredients into a pot and cook 'em up good. You can use the one outside if you like. Really, I don't mind. - Trissa
  4. Well, that's just lovely. - Trissa
  5. Never thought I'd get my hands on something as lovely as this! almost feels like stealing! - Trissa
  6. Please don't feel rushed. Take your time, and let me know if you need anything. - Trissa
  7. Heh... No need to rush yourself. - Trissa
  8. Anything else? Take your time. - Trissa
  9. Stop by anytime. - Trissa
  10. I don't get to leave this place too often... That said, I really appreciate you showing me your exotic wares. - Trissa
  11. Hey, Trissa... Aren't you tired? Don't you hate talking to weird customers? Aren't you chilly? Have you eaten yet? - Steen
  12. Oh... Welcome. *sigh* I tell ya, my mister only has eyes for me. He loses his focus with everything else... Don't mind him. Browse as much as you like. - Trissa
  13. Hee hee! Stop being such a worrywart, you old coot! - Trissa