The Ralis Channel Crystal

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The Ralis Channel Crystal
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Find the crystal


Take the crystal to the Shrine of Light




The Ralis Channel Crystal is a Shrine Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


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This quest can be started within the Ralis Channel (2918, 0508, 0155) adjacent to Ralis Pond. The simplest solution is to enter the Ralis Channel Cave Entrance, located just off the pond's shoreline to the east (2957, 0254, 0205). Once inside the cave, you will see the shining gem needed for the Shrine Quest along with two Zonai fans, a Zonai rocket, a steering yoke, and some other miscellaneous items in which to construct a craft to travel upstream to where the actual shrine is located. Once your vessel is assembled, traveling upstream and bringing the gem to the shrine is reasonably straightforward. The path is relatively linear, and there are a few alcoves to explore on your way out.

Adventure Log

Step Description
It seems that you can enter a Shrine of Light if you offer up a crystal. Follow the ray of light, and offer up the crystal at the shrine.
After carrying a crystal upstream from Ralis Channel and offering it up, you can enter the Shrine of Light. Enter the shrine in order to acquire the Light of Blessing.