Master the Vehicle Prototype

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Master the Vehicle Prototype
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Key Characters


Speak to Fernison at the north end of the construction site


Attach Steering Stick to the vehicle prototype, then beat the course in less than 3:00





Master the Vehicle Prototype is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom


When Link visits the Hudson Construction Site, if he goes to the north end, he will find Fernison of the Zonai Survey Team being angrily berated by Shabonne, while Tali stands more nearby and occasionally asks questions in a much calmer tone. The gist is that Fernison asked the two Gerudo to see if, as racers, they could advise on her Zonai Device vehicle prototype, made using a Stone Slab and four Big Wheels. The problem is that they have no way to control it.

When Link attaches a Steering Stick, Fernison is amazed, Shabonne is befuddled, and Tali desperately wants to see it work. Fernison sets up a course for Link to show how the Steering Stick works. Once he successfully clears it within three minutes, she pays him 100 rupees for his help, plus a Sleepover Ticket, and asks him to come back after he's rested for further investigations.


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Adventure Log

Step Description
1 Fernison from the Zonai Survey Team, with help from Hudson Construction, has been turning Zonai devices into vehicle prototypes. She has one all ready to go...except for one problem: No one knows how to control it. None of the Zonai devices that fell on Tarrey Town seem to do the trick. So Fernison has called on a couple of professional racers, hoping they might help.
2 You've been asked to take the vehicle prototype for a test drive and to use the steering stick to control it. You'll have to touch all of the lights and return to the starting point within the time limit you were given. Remember, you'll be disqualified if you take your hands off the Zonai device or leave the course.
Complete You did it! You drove the course and returned to the starting point within the time limit!
Fernison from the Zonai Survey Team says this is just the beginning. She seems to have big plans in the works!