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This article is about one type of Zonai Device. For other uses, see Wheel (Disambiguation).
Big Wheel
Big Wheel - TotK icon.png




Give mobility to Zonai Devices




Big Wheels are Zonai Devices from Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"A powered Zonai device that wants to move! It's a big, mean wheel that excels at tearing through environments that might challenge smaller wheels. It can handle shallow water."

Tears of the Kingdom In-game description

Big Wheels can be attached to any other Zonai device to give it mobility. Hitting one, or any Zonai Device attached to it, starts it rolling. If Link creates the device, it consumes energy from a Battery, Big Battery or Link's Energy Cell to roll.

They can be found in Zonai Capsules from Device Dispensers or Treasure Chests; or lying around in the overworld, such as a damaged cart at Outskirt Stable. If removed from a capsule, they cannot be returned to it, although they can be fused to weapons or shields.