To the Kingdom of Hyrule

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To the Kingdom of Hyrule




Obtain fourth Heart Container from the Temple of Time Goddess Statue to open the temple's back door.







To the Kingdom of Hyrule is a Main Quest found in Tears of the Kingdom


After Link places the Decayed Master Sword in the mysterious light over the altar at the back of the Temple of Time, where it disappears, he hears Zelda's voice telling him that he must find her. The Light Dragon then parts the Cloud Barrier preventing Link from returning to the surface, beginning the quest.

Link then dives all the way to the surface, landing in the Bottomless Pond. From there, he goes to Lookout Landing - a new town built on the Sacred Ground Ruins. Everyone there is shocked at his reappearance, and tells him to meet with Purah, now the town's head, who's been worrying about him and Princess Zelda since they disappeared following the events that happened Beneath Hyrule Castle.

When Link goes to Purah's office, he is met by Josha, who shouts Purah. When she emerges, dishevelled, the ancient Sheikah woman has further adjusted her age and now appears to be in her early twenties. When she pulls herself together, she asks Link what happened. After recapping everything that's happened to him since they last met, Purah tells him about the Upheaval. Believing that the voice Link heard means Zelda must be alive, she sends Link to meet Captain Hoz in the outer, still grounded, parts of Hyrule Castle.


Complete the four Shrines of Light on Great Sky Island, and trade the four Lights of Blessing to the Goddess Statue for a Heart Container. Use the extra vitality to go through the back door, then make it to the altar using Ascend on the broken path and send the Decayed Master Sword through time.


  • Dive from the back of the Temple of Time, landing in the Bottomless Pond
  • Follow the quest marker on the map, which leads Link to Lookout Landing (southern entrance at (-0255, 0040, 0018))
  • Link will be interrupted by various characters on arrival, who point Link to the large building with the telescope at the north of the settlement.
  • Go up the stairs or Ascend to the elevated front door of the building (-0244, 0150, 0026), and speak to Josha. She will summon Purah.
  • Listen to what Purah has to say, which completes To the Kingdom of Hyrule and begins Crisis at Hyrule Castle

Adventure Log

Step Description
At the Temple of Time, you saw the Master Sword vanish into a mysterious light. A white dragon then rose into the sky, parting the sea of clouds. You're sure you heard Princess Zelda say, "Link, you must find me." Head to the land below to look for clues to her whereabouts. There's no faster way to do that than to dive bravely from the sky island.
After descending from the sky island where you awoke, you returned to the kingdom of Hyrule and reunited with Purah at Lookout Landing. You learned that she's been directing search efforts in the kingdom.

Work with Purah to find Princess Zelda.