The Awakening

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The Awakening

The Awakening is one of the memories of Zelda found in Tears of the Kingdom.


While it is the #2 memory in the catalog, this will be the first memory Link encounters, as it is required cutscene, viewed during the prologue, at the very start of the quest.


The memory can be found beneath Hyrule Castle, in the area played during the prologue of the game.

In-Game Description

"While investigating the mysterious gloom under Hyrule Castle, Link and Zelda encounter a mummy that attacks them. Events spiral out of control when the Master Sword shatters, Zelda falls into the depths of the earth, and Link, gripped by a mysterious arm, is enveloped in light."

— In-Game Description


Rauru has been holding Ganondorf in place down beneath Hyrule Castle. When Link and Zelda arrive, the tear falls to the ground and Rauru's grip is finally broken. The gloom overpowers the Master Sword, shattering it. Ganondorf is reanimated and seems to already know who Link and Zelda are. Ganondorf uses his power to raise Hyrule Castle into the sky, causing the grown below to crumble in the process. Princess Zelda falls into the abyss, but is transported away, which we later find is her being sent to the past. The hand of Rauru saves Link and brings him to an island in the sky, just above the Great Sky Island.