The Imprisoning War

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The Imprisoning War

The Imprisoning War is one of the memories of Zelda found in Tears of the Kingdom.


After Link completes the Spirit Temple and acquires Mineru's tear, Mineru will share the story of the Imprisoning War.


The memory can be found in the Depths after defeating the Seized Construct at the Spirit Temple.

In-Game Description

"In the battle against Demon King Ganondorf, King Rauru realizes that he and his allies have found themselves in a fatal moment. Knowing he is at fault for Ganondorf's rise in Hyrule and for the theft of the secret stone, Rauru risks his life to imprison tyrant."

— In-Game Description


Mineru tells the story of the founding of Hyrule, when the Zonai came down from the heavens to the surface. The Zonai had secret stones, capable of amplifying the abilities of those who possessed them. King Rauru became the leader and eventually wed Sonia. Rauru gifted Sonia a secret stone and together they established the Kingdom of Hyrule. All was well, until Ganondorf came to power and killed Queen Sonia.

This led to a great war, where Hyrule fought against Ganondorf's monsters. Rauru entrusted more secret stones to warriors of the different races of Hyrule. However, even with the power, Ganondorf was just too powerful. Unable to defeat Ganondorf, Rauru sacrificed himself, using his last power to imprison Ganondorf, holding him down below. Rauru warns Link that someday a hero named Link will come to defeat you.