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Where Am I? is a memory of Zelda found in Tears of the Kingdom, though not one of the "Tears of the Dragon".


After Link has saved Korok Forest from gloom, the Great Deku Tree will detect the Master Sword moving in the Sky. The Recovering the Hero's Sword quest will trigger, with a moving marker tracking the Master Sword on the Purah Pad's map.

Unusually, this memory takes place entirely within another memory - it occurs between shots of Tears of the Dragon (Memory 17), in the seconds between Zelda swallowing her Secret Stone & grabbing the Decayed Master Sword on the one hand, and transforming into the Light Dragon on the other.


The memory is triggered when Link pulls the Master Sword from the head of the Light Dragon, flying in the Sky above south-western Hyrule in the East Gerudo Sky Archipelago.

It also automatically triggers if Link does not retrieve the Master Sword before confronting Ganondorf, whereupon it will play after Link pulls the Master Sword for free at the start of the Demon Dragon fight.

In-Game Description

"Zelda clutches the decayed Master Sword close to her chest and calls to Link, hoping that the sword, which she's suffusing with new power, can find a way to him somehow."


Zelda, clutching the Master Sword tightly and referring to the sword with feminine pronouns, wishes for "her" to help Link defeat "the Demon King" in the future.