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Spoiler Alert! This article describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.
Light Dragon
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The Light Dragon from Tears of the Kingdom







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"A spirit has taken the form of this giant dragon inhabiting the upper reaches of the skies. It is named for its shining golden mane and gleaming scales. It looks divine as it soars through the sky, giving off a soft glow, and its presence is comforting somehow."

Hyrule Compendium

The Light Dragon is one of the four dragons found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Spoiler Alert! This section describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.


When Tears of the Kingdom begins, Zelda and Link encounter Ganondorf's mummified body Beneath Hyrule Castle. When Ganondorf reanimates and begins the Upheaval, the Master Sword is rendered useless from his Gloom attack. Zelda falls into the crumbling ground and disappears in a bright light.

Through memories, it is explained that Zelda travelled back in time to the beginning of Hyrule due to a Secret Stone enhancing her power over time. There, she meets Rauru and Sonia, shortly after they had become King and Queen. As the memories progress, Ganondorf kills Sonia, and takes her secret stone for himself. Unable to defeat Ganondorf in the Imprisoning War, Rauru sacrifices himself to imprison Ganondorf, where the two remained for thousands of years until the Upheaval.

Soon after, Zelda receives the Decayed Master Sword at the pedestal behind the Temple of Time, after Link inadvertently transported it back in time to her. She realizes that her purpose in the past was to restore the Master Sword to its former strength. By doing so, the Master Sword, and Link, can destroy Ganondorf in the future. Mineru advises her that this is only possible if it receives a source of power for eons - which Zelda would not be able to provide. Zelda decides to take a forbidden method to provide that power, and consume her secret stone, which will turn her into a Dragon. Mineru advises against this, since Zelda will lose everything that makes her herself, but Zelda believes it is the only way.

At the pedestal behind the Temple of Time, Zelda consumes her secret stone. As she begins to turn, she manages to grab the Master Sword and holds it in front of her. A huge ball of light forms and she emerges from it as the Light Dragon. Shooting up into the sky, a tear wells up in her eye and falls, spreading into 11 dragon tears, that shoot across Hyrule.


The Light Dragon first appears in the present day when Link is on the Great Sky Island. It can be seen flying to the north, and flies past the Temple of Time. The Light Dragon can be seen throughout the game, flying a normal pattern circling around the perimeter of the Skyview Towers. After Link sends the Master Sword back in time to the past Zelda, the Light Dragon breaks the cloud barrier, allowing Link to travel to Hyrule.

During the Recovering the Hero's Sword Main Quest later on, Link needs to find where the Master Sword is located. The Great Deku Tree will inform Link that the Master Sword still exists and he can sense its presence. It is, however, moving for an unknown reason.

Link can find the Sword impaled into the head of the Light Dragon at any point after leaving the Great Sky Island; he can stumble into it without ever consulting the Great Deku Tree or finding all the Dragon Tears. He will need to pull the Master Sword out of the Dragon, but this requires two full circles of Stamina in order to complete, akin to an additional five Stamina Vessels. Temporary stamina will not count for this, though Link's stamina will be refilled both before and after attempting the pull to offset any stamina spent reaching the sword.

If Link does not recover the Master Sword at all, instead defeating the Demon King with conventional weaponry, then he will instead pull the Master Sword for free upon starting the Demon Dragon fight, ensuring he can deal the final, scripted blow regardless of his previous choices or his current Stamina pool.

Regardless, Link will see a vision of Princess Zelda telling him that the Master Sword is the only way to defeat Ganondorf, and that she has infused her power inside it to help in that endeavor. She hoped that the sword would reach him in the future. After the vision, the Light Dragon will drop Link off at the Temple of Time with the Sword.

After Ganondorf's Gerudo form has been defeated, he will consume his own Secret Stone and transform into the Demon Dragon. The Light Dragon will come to aid Link, allowing him to use it as a jumping off point to attack the Demon Dragon's weak points. Once Ganondorf has finally been destroyed, Rauru and Sonia will appear. They use their remaining power to return the Light Dragon to normal, which is Princess Zelda.

Drops and Uses

Link can hit the Light Dragon once every 10 minutes with any weapon or arrow to cause it to drop a materials. It can drop four materials this way, depending on where Link hits it.

Meanwhile, Shards of Light Dragon's Spike can be picked up by running along the dragon's back, as they spawn under the dragon's spikes.


Initially, while Link is on Great Sky Island, the Light Dragon takes a narrow path high in the sky. After it breaks the Cloud Barrier and allows Link to return to the surface, it goes into a long, circuitous clockwise loop around most of the map, technically dipping between the sky and surface regions.