The Master Sword (Memory)

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This article is about the Recovered Memory. For the recurring legendary sword in the The Legend of Zelda series, see Master Sword.
The Master Sword
Zelda placing the Master Sword in its pedestal




Here after obtaining the Master Sword from its pedestal in Korok Forest



Key Characters


The Master Sword is one of the Recovered Memories found in Breath of the Wild.

In-Game Description

"Zelda entrusts the Master Sword to the Deku Tree. When she attempts to relay a message to Link, the Deku Tree suggests that she simply tell him herself upon his return."

— In-Game Description


This memory is not Link's, as he is not present; it appears to be Zelda's, or the Great Deku Tree's, or perhaps the memory belongs to the Master Sword itself. It begins with Zelda, speaking to the Sword as she lays it upon the pedestal in the Korok Forest. It is, unusually, battle worn, chipped, and spotted with rust. Zelda tells the sword that its master will return for it, that despite the fact that Link's restorative rest in the Shrine of Resurrection will likely take his memories from him, she is confident that he will someday come to claim the sword once again. Despite the apparent turmoil in the outside world, the Korok Forest is peaceful, and the Great Deku Tree is in bloom with pink flowers. Zelda stands, covered in mud, and the Great Deku Tree asks her what her plan is moving forward. She tells the Tree that the Master Sword spoke to her, and that it seems her role is unfinished. The Great Deku Tree commends the strength of her dedication, and she asks him to relay a message to Link when he returns for the sword. The Tree cuts her off, telling her that any message from her would sound better directly from her. She smiles, and agrees.

Zelda picks up the Master Sword once more, and reverently places the sword, point down, into its slot on the pedestal. The sword begins to glow as a beam of light shines down on it from above, and the memory ends.