Daruk's Mettle

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Daruk's Mettle




Here after Link rescues Yunobo from the Abandoned North Mine




Daruk's Mettle is one of the Recovered Memories found in Breath of the Wild. Link recalls it as part of the Divine Beast Vah Rudania main quest.


As part of the Free the Divine Beasts main quest, Link will travel to Goron City and speak with the Goron Boss Bludo. After rescuing Yunobo, a descendant of Daruk, from the Abandoned North Mine where he was getting painkillers for Bludo, Bludo tells Link about Champion Daruk and will show him the large stone statue of him above Bludo resides. This will cause Link to recall the memory.

In Game Description

"Goron Champion Daruk is training with his Divine Beast on Death Mountain. But when he feels the ground rumble, he protects himself and Link from a landslide of boulders - and wonders whether the strange event was natural."

— In-Game Description


The memory begins with Divine Beast Vah Rudania crawling along a mountainside near Death Mountain. Daruk, who is piloting the Beast, shouts in glee about how he's starting to finally get accustomed to piloting it, and that he's having fun. He tells Link, who is standing on the Beast beside him, to tell the other Champions they'll have to work hard to keep up with Daruk. He admires the view from where they're standing, and says that though he may not understand what the whole deal is with Calamity Ganon, he'll protect Hyrule to the death if necessary. He congratulates Link on becoming Princess Zelda's appointed knight, and tells him that he'll be fine as long as he remembers that Zelda has a strong personality; she has such a strong personality, in fact, that sometimes she has trouble seeing the bigger picture through the details.

The mountainside shudders, startling Daruk and Link, and they see a group of massive boulders falling directly towards them. Daruk gets between Link and the landslide, engaging his Daruk's Protection ability just in time to shatter the nearest boulder and save himself and Link from being smashed. Daruk tries to remember his previous train of thought, but gives it up as he comments that Death Mountain has been quiet for decades, and it's strange that it would be acting up again now. He tells Link to forget he said anything as the memory ends.