Champion Urbosa's Song

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Champion Urbosa's Song

Champion Urbosa's Song is one of the Recovered Memories found in Breath of the Wild. This Memory was added in The Champions' Ballad DLC, and is obtained on completion of the EX Champion Urbosa's Song quest.

In-Game Description

"Zelda entreats Urbosa, the Gerudo chief, to pilot the Divine Beast Vah Naboris. After Urbosa formally accepts, the two companions take a nighttime stroll in the desert, and Urbosa shares cherished moments from their shared past."

— In-Game Description


This memory is not Link's, as he is not present; it is told to him by Kass in the form of the titular song.

The memory begins at sunset, with Zelda in the court of the Gerudo, standing before the throne where Chief Urbosa sits. Behind her, instead of the usual entourage of guards, Zelda is flanked by two handmaidens, likely due to the Gerudo Town's ban on men. Urbosa speaks, formally declaring her acceptance of Zelda's request that she become one of the Champions. She says that aside from trying to resurrect Calamity Ganon, the Yiga Clan has been vying to steal a priceless relic of the Gerudo, the Thunder Helm, and that she will stop at nothing until Ganon is defeated. Zelda formally thanks Urbosa and bows.

The memory cuts to nighttime, just outside the walls of Gerudo Town, as Zelda and Urbosa take a leisurely stroll on the desert sands. The atmosphere is much lighter now, and the pair laugh together. Zelda remarks that she's never seen Urbosa so serious, and Urbosa responds that she can't say the same of Zelda, calling her "little bird" and saying that ten years prior, Zelda almost never smiled. Zelda turns to ask Urbosa where she got that nickname from, but pauses when she sees Urbosa, who has stopped dead with a serious expression. Urbosa speaks again, not to Zelda this time, but to a pair of nondescript travelers, turning on her heel to tell them to stop and face her. She draws the Scimitar of the Seven, telling the "travelers" that unlike them, she preferred to fight her enemies directly, calling them traitors and challenging them. The "travelers" exchange a look, and dart forward towards her, revealing themselves as disguised Yiga Footsoldiers. She exchanges blows with one of them, using a Perfect Guard with Daybreaker to get behind their defense and deliver a crushing blow to the diaphragm with the pommel of her sword. As that Yiga crumples to the ground, Urbosa stands upright with a flourish, returning Daybreaker to its spot on her back and raising her shield arm high in the air. Zelda tries to warn Urbosa of the other Yiga Footsoldier attempting to attack her from behind, but Urbosa already knew, snapping her fingers to bring down a bolt of lightning on the Yiga's head, displaying the ability from which Urbosa's Fury is derived. She tells the cowering Yiga that out of respect for Princess Zelda, she is letting them escape with their lives. The pair limp away and vanish in a puff of smoke and papers.

Urbosa returns to the conversation she and Zelda were having earlier, reminding the Hylian princess that she had asked Urbosa where the nickname "little bird" had come from. Urbosa continued that it was what a "dear friend" had called young Zelda years ago, and Zelda tentatively clarifies that Urbosa is talking about her mother. Urbosa tells Zelda that 10 years ago, when Zelda's mother passed, her "little bird" still "spread her wings" and became the princess of light and hope that Hyrule needed. Urbosa continues that sometimes she gets lost in memories of the past, and the memory ends.