Slumbering Power

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Slumbering Power

Slumbering Power is one of the Recovered Memories found in Breath of the Wild.


After Link has completed the Locked Mementos by talking to Impa, this will begin the Captured Memories main quest. Slumbering Power is one of the twelve pictures that are loaded in the Sheikah Slate.


Pikango at the East Akkala Stable will recognize the location that is shown in the picture. He recognizes the Spring that is in the picture as being some ruins that are directly west of the Stable, within the North Akkala Valley.[1][2]

The actual memory can be found over at the Spring of Power, where it is near the entrance of the Spring from the Ordorac Quarry.

In-Game Description

"Zelda engages in a sacred ritual at the Spring of Power in hopes of awakening her sealing power, but she is overcome with the frustration and seeming futility of her dedication."

— In-Game Description



  1. Hmm... I' know I've seen that spring and that Goddess Statue before... There was a place like this at the ruins in North Akkala Valley, to the west of here. - Pikango
  2. It's pretty much directly west of here. I'm certain you'll be able to find it without any trouble. - Pikango