Ordorac Quarry

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Ordorac Quarry is a location found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Ordorac Quarry is a low elevation location, found well north of the Akkala Tower and just southwest of the Spring of Power. The area has three dangerous Guardian Skywatchers patrolling the region. At the northeast end of the area, there is a pathway hidden behind some vines that leads to the entrance of the Spring of Power.

At the far west end of the area, there is a block puzzle against the wall. Link can use Magnesis to place the block in the appropriate slot to get a Korok Seed. A second block puzzle to get a Korok can be found at the southeast part of the Quarry, on one of the higher ledges.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Solve the Magnesis puzzle on the cliff wall (at the lowest level of the quarry). The metal block is on top of the nearby rising to the south.

Solve the block puzzle.

Catch the flying lights.

Catch the flying leaves.

Solve the Magnesis puzzle on the side of the cliff wall.

Solve the block puzzle.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Ordorac Quarry is a lower elevated area, found along the path between South Akkala Stable and East Akkala Stable. A dangerous Gloom Spawn can be found down below.

Just south of the quarry, near the main path, there is a small camp with some Blue Bokoblin, a Black Moblin, and an Aerocuda.

Korok Seed

  • Just northwest of the quarry, there is a block puzzle on the higher edge. Place the metal block in the proper location to get the Korok Seed.



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