Ze Kasho Shrine

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Ze Kasho Shrine






Ze Kasho Shrine, also known as Ze Kasho Apparatus, is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


The shrine is located just to the west of the South Akkala Stable.

Ze Kasho Apparatus

Interact with the terminal and tilt the controller to move the spikes. The spikes will only slide in the direction of the lines. There are many solutions, but clear a path so that Link can run across the gap.

In the second area, hit the switch to rotate the blocks. The lasers will be blocked off temporarily until the blocks finish moving. For the second set of lasers, Link can either drop a Remote Bomb or shoot an Arrow. Alternative, Link can just use Stasis on the lasers to freeze them temporarily, allowing him to run by.

At the end of the room on the right side there is a treasure chest on the platform. In addition to the rotating blocks that blocked the lasers, there is a cube platform that circles the area here by 180 degrees every time the crystal is hit. The idea is that when the cube platform is below the platform, hit the crystal, then jump on and climb the cube platform as it finishes moving until it is directly above the platform. From there, Link can glide over and open the chest, which contains a Zora Spear.

The final puzzle requires the use of motion controls. The solution requires Link to move the controller until there is a single Ancient Orb landing on each switch. Once done correctly, the nearby door will open up. Run ahead and speak with Ze Kasho to get the Spirit Orb.