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Voo Lota Shrine








Voo Lota Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


Shrine Quest: Recital at Warbler's Nest

Talk to Kheel to start the quest.

If you set this quest as the objective marker, it will lead you to Genli, by the Cooking Pot in Rito village. She wants some Salmon Meunière and the other three siblings are off to help get the ingredients for it: Hearty Salmon, Tabantha Wheat, and Goat Butter.

Head to the general store to find Cree there, as well as get the butter from her. She also indicates where you can find Notts and Kotts.

Notts is somewhere 'up high' which in this case is on the cliff directly above the armor shop. Climb up there to speak to her and get the wheat.

Finally, Kotts is near the entrance to town, fishing in a small pond. Talk to her to get the salmon.

Return to the objective marker where Genli is, cook the Salmon Meuniėre, and give it to her. The objective marker will update, so head to it.

If you talk to Kheel (the one on the right), your quest will update with a hint and you'll get a Korok Leaf.

The kids will be singing a song in the pattern of 45312; use the korok leaf on the statues while standing on the pedestal in the same order (counting the spikes on top) to complete the quest and unlock the shrine. When the five Rito siblings look behind them at the Shrine of Trials that just appeared, their red, yellow, green, blue and purple feathers resemble a rainbow as a fun Easter egg.

The Winding Route

Climb the ladder.

Hit the shock switch.

From the starting platform here, glide left, then up, then right (be sure to drop the paraglider to fall into the next wind channel before hitting the spikes). Open the chest here for a Small Key.

There is a second platform beyond the next, where you can find a Flameblade and then fly back one platform, turn left, and fly down to the next platform. There will be a door there, waiting for a key. Be careful as you must land on a small platform in the middle, while a wind is blowing you toward the end point.

Head to the altar for your well earned Spirit Orb.