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Amali (Mother)
Kass (Father)
Cree (Sister)
Genli (Sister)
Kotts (Sister)
Notts (Sister)

Kheel is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Kheel is a Rito child, residing in Rito Village with her mother Amali and her four sisters. She is distinctive from her sisters as she has purple feathers.

Each morning at 8am, Kheel will get out of bed and make her way over to the deck by the Akh Va'quot Shrine. She wants to travel west to Warbler's Nest, but her mother won't let her leave the village due to the dangers of Divine Beast Vah Medoh up above.[1] All Kheel wants to do is head there with her sisters and sing, but Vah Medoh is preventing her from doing that.[2][3]

She remains out on the deck all day until 9pm, before then heading back to her hut where she will head to bed for the night. She was disappointed that Medoh stayed up there all day, preventing her from doing much of anything.[4]

Tears of the Kingdom

Kheel can be found running the Brazen Beak armor shop while Nekk is away. She mentions that it is cold in the Village, but even colder out on the Hebra Mountains.[5] Fortunately the shop has warm clothes so that Link can survive the tough conditions.[6]

Kheel mentions that Caves are abundant on the road to the east, as well as up in the Hebra Mountains. Kheel mentions that caves provide a nice warm place to stop from the cold, if Link doesn't have the proper armor. Additionally, Link can find shiny ores within caves, which Kheel will pay a good number of rupees for.[7]

After the blizzard stops, Kheel can be found outside the Brazen Beak, still helping out at the shop. He wakes up each morning at 8am and heads over to the shop, where he is works as a greeter.[8] Kheel thinks that the Blizzard really helped the kids of the village take responsibilities and grow-up a little bit themselves.[9]



  1. I'm headed to Warbler's Nest! I hope it's safe there. - Kheel
  2. They say it's too dangerous to go outside of the village right now. But all I want to do is go sing with my sisters at Warbler's Nest... That Divine Beast Vah Medoh is a big jerk! - Kheel
  3. Could you...maybe tell that Medoh thing to go somewhere else? I want to go practice my singing at Warbler's Nest. - Kheel
  4. Medoh was up there all day today. I wish it would go away... - Kheel
  5. "Hi, hi! Thanks for coming in, even though it's snowing so hard. It's cold in the village, but it's even colder on top of the mountain. You'll freeze solid at the peak if you don't find a way to keep warm! Lucky for you we sell waaarm clothes!" — Kheel, Tears of the Kingdom
  6. "This is the Brazen Beak armor shop. We have warmer armor! I know it's chilly here, but y'know what? They say it's even colder at the top of the mountani! Brrr. You don't wanna freeze up there, mister! Bundle up with some warm gear right here at the Brazen Beak!" — Kheel, Tears of the Kingdom
  7. "Are you leaving, mister? Let me give you a neat tip first. People are finding more caves all the time on the road east of here and on the way up the Hebra Mountains! Caves are nice because they're warm. You can hide out from the cold there if you don't have our outfits. Plus, you can find shiny ores inside the sparkly rocks sometimes! We'll pay a lot for those ores, and so will the folks at the general store. So keep an eagle eye out for them!" — Kheel, Tears of the Kingdom
  8. "The grown-ups are back, but I'm still helping out around the village. I'm not gonna start taking it easy now!" — Kheel, Tears of the Kingdom
  9. "Honestly, I wasn't sure about being alone here when all the grown-ups had to go away 'cause of the blizzard. But us kids got together and helped out with running the stores and stuff. It made us a little more grown-up too! The blizzard stopped, so the grown-ups are back. But I'm still gonna help out around the shop!" — Kheel, Tears of the Kingdom