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Amali (Mother)
Kass (Father)
Cree (Sister)
Genli (Sister)
Kheel (Sister)
Kotts (Sister)

Notts is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Notts is a Rito child, residing in Rito Village with her mother Amali and her four sisters. She is distinctive from her sisters as she has red feathers.

Each morning at 8am, Notts will get out of bed and make her way over to the large deck at one of the higher elevations of Rito Village. Notts loves to sing and each morning she's excited about being able to practice.[1] Although when she gets to the deck, somethings seems off. Ever since Divine Beast Vah Medoh has appeared, her singing voice just hasn't been the same.[2] She seems very down about it, telling Link that if he came just to hear her sing, she's sorry to disappoint him.[3]

At 9pm each evening, Notts will head back to her hut to get to bed for the evening. She hopes that if she goes to sleep, maybe Medoh will be gone when she wakes back up.[4]



  1. On my way... de dum dah dah... to practice my singing... - Notts
  2. Dum da dom! La la leeeh! *sigh* Ever since Divine Beast Vah Medoh showed up, my singing voice just hasn't been the same... - Notts
  3. If you came all the way to this village to hear my incredible singing voice, I'm sorry to disappoint you. - Notts
  4. Maybe if I take a nap, Medoh will be gone when I wake up. - Notts