Song of the Stormwind Ark

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Song of the Stormwind Ark

Song of the Stormwind Ark is a song from Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

The song is sung by some of the children of Rito Village, led by Notts. The song is in reference to an ark that saved Rito Village sometime in the distant past. Although some of the Rito children are not sure if the Stormwind Ark is actually real or not.


  • Once, a god fell from heaven, stilling the Hebra winds.
  • The heavens grew lifeless, just as the air below thinned.
  • With the world in upheaval, we pledged to help the lord.
  • A line of ships soaring, built as a passage skyward.
  • The god ascended to heaven, leaving behind an ark.
  • Its winds brought us new life, thanks to its great, divine spark.